Imagine that you’re in a world full of dreams , a world that you’ve been dreaming to do for all these years. Well, if you want to go to a world full of dreams that means you have heard to Wonderland. Never heard of this place? You soon will.

Wonderland is place where people discover their dreams and how they can make them into reality. Some people dream of a world of infinite sweets for them to enjoy; others may dream of becoming famous and known all around the world. Whatever your dream is, you can find it here in wonderland. But what does Wonderland even look like I here you ask? Well that depends. If you can imagine it as a world up in the clouds, with strange machines floating in a candyfloss sky… then that is what it looks like! But if you imagine a enchanted forest, with the sun peeking through the gaps in the trees above…then that is what is also looks like! Wonderland is different for every single person, and in your life your wonderland may also change too. It is truly like nowhere else.

But not all dreams are good…some are dark…some are haunted. Wonderland is also home to nightmares. If you spend you days making bad decisions and not being the person you should be, then your nights will be spent here. A place to remind you of the reasoning to be better and what your decisions may lead you to. Nightmares are a way of the world teaching you right from wrong.

Last night I visited wonderland. Well, I followed someone there. I wanted to see where they were going, what their wonderland was like. I saw them standing in front of a large, blue door. But this door was not like any other I have seen before, it stood surrounded by nothing but air. They opened the door, as though it was something had done a million times before. Like stepping into you own home, after a long and tiring day. I followed them through the door and found myself in the dark. Everywhere I looked I could see nothing but darkness. The endless black stretched out in all directions. The person I was following seemed to vanish into the nothingness around me. I called out to find them, but heard nothing. Perhaps you cannot follow someone else’s dream, I wondered? Then, in the distance I saw a light. A single light in a world of shadows. My curiosity led me to pursue the glowing orb. It seemed like the more I walked towards it, the further it was getting away. Beginning to feel desperate, I broke out into a run… I needed to see what this light was, to escape the darkness. After a while, I reached it. Stretching out my hand I touched the golden illumination infront of me. Suddenly light.

When the bright light faded, I opened my eyes once more. I was back at the blue door again…alone.

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  1. this is really great talking about how your drems are transformed into this world and how nightmares acan also be a part of this great

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