The circulatory system

Together the heart ,blood and blood vessels work as a team to become the circulatory system. The heart pumps blood vessels around the body. On average your heart pumps around 100,000 times per day. Some people think the heart is shaped like the heart emoji but believe me it is very different. Haven’t you always wanted to know all about your heart?Did you know your heart pumps a whopping 2,5 billion times in a life time and you didn’t miss read that it’s true. read on to learn more about your heart.

In the body you have blood cells that pump around your body the place it starts at is the right artery and then goes through the tricuspid valve and goes into the right ventricle and then shoots the blood out of the heart and begins its journey first it picked up oxygen from the lungs and transports it around the places in the body that need oxygen. When all the oxygen is used up the blood cells take the carbon dioxide and takes it to your mouth and you breath it all out and that happens faster than you blink . The blood then return into the left atrium and then goes into the  left ventricle.

Blood that has no oxygen is called deoxygenated blood If your wondering what a white blood cell is it’s basically  your immune system . If your wondering were your blood travels through it goes down arteries and goes up the veins .



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