Summer holidays, the best time ever. Who does not like summer holidays? You can stay in bed longer, you can play with your friends every day and you can go away to see new places.                 I love holidays with my parents and my family in Poland. We go to see my grandmother, uncles, aunties, cousins only once a year.

My grandmother – Krystyna lives in a small village in central Poland. We fly to Lodz airport and uncle  Tomek picks us up from the airport and takes us us to the village. I really like that place. The village is very quiet and beautiful, it is surrounded by a vast old forest. I love going on bike rides through the forest and smelling the fresh air.

My grandmother has a huge garden and I can play football with my cousins: Hubert, Julian and  Antek. They are younger then me and I teach them new football tricks.                                       My grandmother has two dogs and they play football with us. It is really funny to watch them running with the ball.                   The summer is Poland is usually very hot. Hubert has a swimming pool and we can cool down after an exhausting football game.

My grandmother ‘s neighbour -Norbert has a vast eco farm and me and my cousin help him sometimes.  He grows ecological vegetables. He has a huge tractor and he takes us with him to work on the field. The tractor is cool because it has air conditioning so you can’t feel the heat.

After a long day filled with a lot of fun, we have family barbecue and ice cream for desert .                                                                       Each year we are visiting one new place. Last year we went to Ciechocinek to see the graduation towers. It was very impressive. Although the place is in central Poland the climate there is like in the seaside and it is because of the graduation towers. Previous years we visited Kraków, Kolobrzeg, Warsaw.  My favorite place so far was Kolobrzeg. It is a town at the seaside with a long beach and the sand there is very soft. I liked sailing on a pirat boat and visiting the lighthouse. The view from the top of the lighthouse was amazing.

I love holidays in Poland because I can meet up with my family and there is no time to be bored. I am looking forward to the summer holiday this year.

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