The Adventure of Gary the seagull

There once was a seagull that our teacher HATED. Everyday the gull would sit at the window, and knock on the glass. The children would always pay more attention to the bird, instead of their ‘incredibly interesting’ math lessons. The gull wanted one thing…food. But soon he realized that he wouldn’t get any here, and this wasn’t the place for him. He needed a change. With a flap of his wings, he took to the sky in search of a new home where he could eat as much as he wanted. He traveled miles and miles away from the home had grown up in, miles and miles away from the places that he knew. Soon the ground below him, became the ocean and he was joined by other birds in the skies over the sea. Soon he arrived in the north of America, he knew this because of his time on the skylight of the school, where he had seen many lessons of geography through the glass.

He decided to go to Canada, as he had heard so many great things about it from the other birds on his travel. This was where he met the love of his life; Sydney the seagull. They then lived a happy life together, in Hawaii. He gave up on the idea of Canada, as it was far too cold for the pair. No matter where they were, Sydney always seemed like she was not happy or impressed…nothing was ever enough. Jack and Sydney did everything together: They went to the beach together, they explored the ocean together they even ate bread together, they were a happy couple until……A huge storm broke that led them to their new island home.

Then they found out some tragic news, there was an EVIL EAGLE called Jack.He was planning to get all of the seagulls in Hawaii. They had to move quick. BUT WHERE? They finally move to a place called heaven. You must be wondering how this happened…  well here is  how it happened. Whilst they were moving away Sydney felt bad she told him what had actually happened,  she  had payed her ex-friend to do the dirty deed of pretending to  capture  all the seagulls in Hawaii, because she didn’t want to live in this bad  place anymore. Little did she know, Jack had already told Gary about it. So while Sydney thought they were moving together, she was actually moving with a robot Gary. Garry then felt relived  because he wasn’t living in a place with a bird that wanted  to die with her  husband. Jack and Garry soon became buddy’s and Jack moved on with his life and became a husband too, but with a responsible lady. 



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