How are mountains are formed?

Have you ever wondered how mountains are formed? Although, mountains are formed over millions of years, they are all completely diverse. There are four different types of mountains; block, dome, fold and volcanic. Block mountains are created by the earths crust being pushed up in big folds or pushed up or down in blocks. Constantly, the weather wears the rocky surface away and leaves the mountain jagged.

Block mountains start to form after a Slab of land breaks apart. Then it is formed up as two of the Earth’s tectonic plates pull apart or pushed together( this is called a fault.) A fault line is lines that breaks the ground apart.

Dome mountains
Dome mountains are occur when the liquid rock inside the Earth, which forces the ground above it upwards, forms over the top. This swelling but does not break through the surface. Molten rock helps the Earth push up ,to make a dome shape.

Fold mountains

Fold mountains are the most common types of mountains. The plates push forward slowly over the years (they are 50 million years old.) Many mountain ranges are much older, such as the Himalayas.


Plateaus are flat areas of land found in high places. When a mountain is formed, blocks of Earth can fall and lift next to each other to produce a high mountain and a lower plateau.


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