Our crime and punishment improvements though history

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We are looking at altitudes to crime and punishment. The first Roman punishments happened in Roman time (43ad-410ad). During the Roman era there was lots of different punishment such as pouring hot led down your throat or walk 9 feet on really hot coal. At HPS we are also learning about the Anglo-Saxon, Victorian’s, Tudor times, and world war 2. So during these you can clearly tell that the punishments are going to get less violent because there getting closer to the new millennium.

The Roman era

The Romans reined from 500 bc to 400ad (which is 900 years). Believe it or not the romans actually conquered most of the civilised world and during this time the Roman army was VERY powerful.They also were very powerful they decided to take the whole Europe and most of the Middle East. Most people from the land that they recently conquered to protect the emperor as that was their main priority.

The Anglo-Saxon era

In this time crimes we’re committed fairly often. If you were a often crime committer if you were caught committing crimes you would get a limb cut off for example a hand. When you go to court you would go to a trial by ordeal which is 9 feet walking on hot coal or pour hot led down your throat like it says in the introduction if you are guilty you scars would still be there and if there not there then you would be innocent but after all that before they let you go they would be given a fine out and you will have to pay it off with silver and then if you don’t pay the king would decide your punishment if your guilty (not many people we’re innocent because of scars and wounds can’t heal in 3 days)

Tudor era

In the Tudor times whipping someone or branding someone was common because they was the only crimes that seemed to teach thief a lesson to stop robbing someone or something. Back then in the Tudor time there was no police officers so the parish constables took care of most  the crimes the punishments that was decided by the king is put in the stock or burned but back then there was no equal rights to the woman so they  got put in a scolds bridle as a punishment for when the talk bad behind her husbands back

Victorians era

In the Victorian times they reigned from 1837 to 1901. In the Victorian era they separated the rich and the poor and to be considered rich you need a thousand pound. In 1829 sir Robert peel introduced the first ever police officer  and unfortunately the police was paid poorly. Until they came to the conclusion that they were needed to their pay wage had a raise. For the first the main way of punishment during the Victorian era is the prison like the prison we have to day in modern time. Most people were sent to Australia to do hard labour until they abolished it in 1857. Around the jail cell there was pointless jobs such as walk for hours upon hours in a circle on a treadmill. Sometimes they spin a crank round 10,000 times a day and sometimes they even tighten the screw to make sure they get stronger and that’s were screws get their name

World War 2

Did you know that world war 2 was thought from 1939 to 1945. The world war 2 battle was a hardship for a very long time. The children were evacuated to the country side until world war 2 is over. In world war 2 a lot of houses and shops were bombed so looting them became a crime because thousands of people were doing it. After all the time of not having a police force however during the world war 2 there was police force and the police duties increased due to World War Their usual tasks included keeping the peace, dealing with criminals and making sure that the traffic flowed freely in towns and cities. In the police force there was not many female police officers.The Police also had new wartime duties. They had to make sure people obeyed the wartime blackout rules, help the rescue services during and after bombing raids and search for soldiers who had deserted (run away) from the army. During the war the murders increased dramatically. The air raids during the war was insane and so many  people died from air raids that the police force could not discover all the bodies during the war as too many people died during the war protecting our country . During the war criminals took advantage because of the deaths that already happened so the could not tell the difference in the death ratio. On Christmas Day during the war they played football to show mercy upon god. Not long after world war the death penalty is abolished 

Some excellent facts on the different periods in history.  You have punctuated some paragraphs into sentences well but look again at the Anglo- Saxon and World War 2 paragraphs for sentence punctuation again.