How mountains are formed (Bigwrite)

Practice   Introduction.

Surprisingly, Mountains grow very hi-gh due to the tectonic plates pushing up into the earth. It takes a very long time to form and grow. It grows very tall just like Mount Everest. Mount Everest is the tallest mountain and the fact that the mountain grew like that is amazing.

Block Mountain.

Have you ever wondered how many different ways they are formed? There are 4 ways. A dome shape, shape a block shape, a fold shape and a plateaus shape. We are going to mainly talk about how block mountains are formed, just like Mount Everest. Block mountains are formed with 3 layers. One layer pushing the mountain above sea level and two underground beneath sea level. Both of the plates underground are pushing together forming a shape/plate above sea level making another plate growing taller and taller. Once it grows that tall it becomes a mountain, a hill or a volcano. Mostly mountains like Mount Everest.


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Dome mountains. Dome mountains are just like block mountains but a dome shape instead. This is another way that has tectonic plates to work. Underneath the mountain, there is a river of molten rock that pushes the mountain up forming a dome shape from the earths crust. There is a mountain called the dome mountain but don’t be fooled by the name, there are many other mountains that are formed this way. The mountains get taller and taller by this formation.

Fold Mountains!

Fold mountains are basically the same as dome and block mountains but it’s a different shape than the other mountains. Although, the mountains go higher like the other mountains, the layers fold acting like hills on top of each other. Mount Everest also uses this type of growth. It is very helpful for mountains and better so climbers can sometimes use the folds like stairs. That is how people climbed Everest.


Plateaus mountains can become really high. They are built up of earth that crumbled from the ground and that have piled and piled on top of each other, forming a tall mountain also forming hills next to the mountain. Surprisingly, the tallest Plateaus Mountains are the Tepui Plateaus mountain which is about 5,000 meters and about 16,000 feet. There’s also big mountains about plateaus in Colorado and everywhere in many countries, especially the alps.

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