Sats guide for Year 6.

To prepare for SATs, these are the top things to do to be ready for the big day.

To prepare we need to get studying and recapping over revision of the things you have done in the past!
This would be very helpful if you get a question in your Sats that you have gone over before.

You could go outside to get some fresh air to feel calmer and more comfortable to actually do the Sats. It will make you happier to think, which will help you think more clearer and refresh your brain.

You could also eat for more energy (not a lot of food). Water could help you or something else like juice. (Something Healthy). This will make your brain focus more clearer and feel more energetic. If your doing SATs you could focus more and feel more comfortable about it because you know more.

Be happy; smiling makes you feel more happy and more energetic so to cope with Sats I definitely recommend it. It has always helped me so it should help you.


Coping with it!

Coping with it also helps too! If you cope with it, you will understand
it more!

You can step out of your safe zone and start studying, it helps that you won’t struggle in the Sats.

You could breathe. Take a minute to breathe and you will feel much better and happier. You could feel more calm and think more.

Get lots of sleep! Sleeping is the main technique. You should sleep for 8 hours. If you have more time, maybe you could sleep for 10 or 12 hours. I definitely recommend this because you will feel very ready and energetic in the morning. Your brain will remember all the stuff that you have learnt before.


To survive Sats you need to try your best! Trying your best is essential. If you don’t know, take a go and it will show that you then know.

Think hard, manage your distractions and only think about the work! This will get your brain going calmly and more focused.

You could talk to people, see how you could get through and be motivated. If You’re motivated, you will get through the SATs really happily and quickly.
Being confident also helps. If you use all these, you will survive SATs and complete it. You will feel relieved and calm.


“Keep calm and carry on.” “If you dream it, you can do it.” “The word Impossible itself says I’m possible.”