Surviving the week of SATS

Surviving The Week Of Sats
This is the guide of surviving your week of sats. Don’t worry how you’ve done on your mocks and take some notes from this guide. This will help you to stay calm and cope.


A tip from me is to revise everything you don’t feel comfortable with. After you learn that, then I would have some time for yourself; go outside or play sports . Stay calm, don’t worry about it too much or it can affect you. After that time is done, I would go back and revise everything and do it at least an hour per day or even half an hour.


Even though you might be stressed, make sure you talk to a teacher about how your feeling. They are there for you just like your friends. Ask questions about the Sats because during them you won’t be able to. Don’t overthink it and try to remain calm.  If you’re in your Sats and you’re stressed, take deep breaths and count to 10.


Do your normal schedule and if you don’t have one, my tip is to make one. If today is the day of your Sats, eat something healthy such as a banana to give you more energy. Make sure you go to the toilet before the Sats because during them you won’t be able to. In the morning, make sure you eat but don’t eat too much because it can make you sick and you won’t feel well and it won’t be good because your brain needs to work. Before the Sats, ask all the questions you have because during them you won’t be able to.



Make sure you get a good night’s sleep to be refreshed and all ready for your Sats. I would suggest to go sleep at 9:00pm. Make sure you get at least get 10 plus hours of sleep. This will make you refreshed and give you energy and think clearer. Turn off all electronics an hour before sleep and read a book or relax.


Your health is very important because your mind needs to be rested and ready to learn. Make sure you eat and drink to stay healthy. Don’t eat too much because it’ll make it very unwell and you won’t be able to concentrate and you won’t do good in the Sats.



Set a schedule and make sure you revise for at least half an hour. Eat breakfast, dinner, and other, you can grab yourself a snack. If you wake up at 7, I would go sleep at 9 which makes it 10 hours make, sure you at least get 10 or more hours. This will make you rested and ready to start your day and follow your schedule.

Check this paragraph for sense!


Make sure you go get some exercise and some fresh air outside by playing your favourite sport. An example of my favourite sport is football but yours might be basketball or something else. Make sure you do get some fresh air. Go outside with your friends; play hide and seek it or any games. Fresh air is important to clear your mind from stuff.


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