The survivors guide for SAT

Introduction: Many year 6s are soon going in to SATs (which happens in may) and many people are getting overwhelmed and also stressed, so throughout this guide I’m going to be giving top tips and ideas on how to get your self ready and get the most marks on your SATs. How to prepare for […]

Surviving the week of SATS

Surviving The Week Of Sats
This is the guide of surviving your week of sats. Don’t worry how you’ve done on your mocks and take some notes from this guide. This will help you to stay calm and cope.


A tip from me is to revise everything you don’t feel comfortable with. After you learn that, then I would have some time for yourself; go outside or play sports . Stay calm, don’t worry about it too much or it can affect you. After that time is done, I would go back and revise everything and do it at least an hour per day or even half an hour.


Even though you might be stressed, make sure you talk to a teacher about how your feeling. They are there for you just like your friends. Ask questions about the Sats because during them you won’t be able to. Don’t overthink it and try to remain calm.  If you’re in your Sats and you’re stressed, take deep breaths and count to 10.


Do your normal schedule and if you don’t have one, my tip is to make one. If today is the day of your Sats, eat something healthy such as a banana to give you more energy. Make sure you go to the toilet before the Sats because during them you won’t be able to. In the morning, make sure you eat but don’t eat too much because it can make you sick and you won’t feel well and it won’t be good because your brain needs to work. Before the Sats, ask all the questions you have because during them you won’t be able to.



Make sure you get a good night’s sleep to be refreshed and all ready for your Sats. I would suggest to go sleep at 9:00pm. Make sure you get at least get 10 plus hours of sleep. This will make you refreshed and give you energy and think clearer. Turn off all electronics an hour before sleep and read a book or relax.


Your health is very important because your mind needs to be rested and ready to learn. Make sure you eat and drink to stay healthy. Don’t eat too much because it’ll make it very unwell and you won’t be able to concentrate and you won’t do good in the Sats.



Set a schedule and make sure you revise for at least half an hour. Eat breakfast, dinner, and other, you can grab yourself a snack. If you wake up at 7, I would go sleep at 9 which makes it 10 hours make, sure you at least get 10 or more hours. This will make you rested and ready to start your day and follow your schedule.

Check this paragraph for sense!


Make sure you go get some exercise and some fresh air outside by playing your favourite sport. An example of my favourite sport is football but yours might be basketball or something else. Make sure you do get some fresh air. Go outside with your friends; play hide and seek it or any games. Fresh air is important to clear your mind from stuff.


Top tips on sats


Before you do your sats you should do some revision and work with or without an adult but you should practice before you start the sats and before you start the sats you should get a good night sleep and for breakfast you should have a banana or a  good meal so you can focus and keep going and if you are nerves it’s fine because it will help you boost you conference and there are ways  to get over it .


Before you start you should get a practice sheet or do some revision with an adult  and before   you start the sats you should do some think like play football to keep it of your mind until you forget about it and get a good night sleep and for breakfast you should have a banana or have a very good breakfast to keep you mined going for all out the test and before you get to do your sats you should go to the bathroom so you don’t need to go through out the test .


If your doing revision you should work with an adult and if your nerves about revision it’s fine because you can over come that by doing a lot of stuff like playing football to get it off your mind or just do what you like  or reed a book so you can  just boost your confidence so when you do it you can just get it done and don’t be worried any more .

SATs help


When you focus on your Sats you need a good night sleep, and is you can study . All ways have a good breakfast that is packed of energy. Take breaks as you go along. Make a schedule for your learning and breaks.All ways ask for help when your stuck ask a friend.Take a minute to breathe. Go outdoor and play take breaks. Ask for matirvation. If your stuck or stressed out count to 10.


If you are struggling with a particular topic or question you can revise. To help store that information in your long term memory. Information in your long term memory is information you can draw on it again.The best way to revise is in a short burst, with breaks in between.


When you wake up all ways have a healthy breakfast, this is important because it will give lots of energy. Did you know that your brain takes 20% of energy in your body all ways take breaks revise for 1 hour a day.Turn your phone of so you don’t get distracted. If you eat a biscuit you won’t have that much energy to last you. All ways have a positive attitude to teachers and other people.

All ways show good behaviour because the teachers will focus on your learning,and people that listen. Is any one in the test is being distracting you cope with it, because the teachers will deal with it. You can take runs in the mornings so it will take you’re mind off of learning. Before the week of your SATs revises any topic you not good at. I hope these top tips will help you with your SATs.

Sats guide for Year 6.

To prepare for SATs, these are the top things to do to be ready for the big day.

To prepare we need to get studying and recapping over revision of the things you have done in the past!
This would be very helpful if you get a question in your Sats that you have gone over before.

You could go outside to get some fresh air to feel calmer and more comfortable to actually do the Sats. It will make you happier to think, which will help you think more clearer and refresh your brain.

You could also eat for more energy (not a lot of food). Water could help you or something else like juice. (Something Healthy). This will make your brain focus more clearer and feel more energetic. If your doing SATs you could focus more and feel more comfortable about it because you know more.

Be happy; smiling makes you feel more happy and more energetic so to cope with Sats I definitely recommend it. It has always helped me so it should help you.


Coping with it!

Coping with it also helps too! If you cope with it, you will understand
it more!

You can step out of your safe zone and start studying, it helps that you won’t struggle in the Sats.

You could breathe. Take a minute to breathe and you will feel much better and happier. You could feel more calm and think more.

Get lots of sleep! Sleeping is the main technique. You should sleep for 8 hours. If you have more time, maybe you could sleep for 10 or 12 hours. I definitely recommend this because you will feel very ready and energetic in the morning. Your brain will remember all the stuff that you have learnt before.


To survive Sats you need to try your best! Trying your best is essential. If you don’t know, take a go and it will show that you then know.

Think hard, manage your distractions and only think about the work! This will get your brain going calmly and more focused.

You could talk to people, see how you could get through and be motivated. If You’re motivated, you will get through the SATs really happily and quickly.
Being confident also helps. If you use all these, you will survive SATs and complete it. You will feel relieved and calm.


“Keep calm and carry on.” “If you dream it, you can do it.” “The word Impossible itself says I’m possible.”


Top tip sats

SATs (standard assessment tests) are taken every year in May. They are used for placement in secondary school and assess pupils knowledge of maths, English and SPaG. Sats can be nerve-racking, worrisome and stressful. Read below to find Top Tips with sats.

If you are stuck with your work and mad at it talk to someone or just stop and talk to someone. That will take your mind of it and just do not worry about it

You should do lots of revising but you should play outside because you do not want to do all of it. You should have a good breakfast and a good night sleep and if you do get mad, take a deep breath.