The survivors guide for SAT


Many year 6s are soon going in to SATs (which happens in may) and many people are getting overwhelmed and also stressed, so throughout this guide I’m going to be giving top tips and ideas on how to get your self ready and get the most marks on your SATs.

How to prepare for SATs:

Many people usually don’t have any ideas or schedule to get ready for SATs, which means they will not be ready and they will not get the best scores. Therefore, I would advise to study so when you come to the SATs you will  know much more. I would only spend about 1 hour because if you do it longer, you can get very stressed and it ends up in  your short term memory. I would also turn off all electronics around you or put it on do not disturb mode or else it will disturb you. For the last thing I would  do is revise (revise is recapping what you have done) because, if you forgot how to do long division, you would get zero marks. 

How to cope with the stress:

Before and after SATs, many people feel stressed and sometimes feel like giving up so I am going to give you some tips on how to calm down and stay positive .Firstly, I would take deep breath in and out and leave the tests for a minute to feel more relaxed and not stressed. Secondly, I would ask for motivation so I can take that and keep on going and staying strong through the SATs.

How to survive the week:

People mostly don’t have  a good nights sleep because the screen on their devices keep them awake so I would recommend that everyone gets a good night sleep every day. Secondly, I would have a healthy breakfast because some people might have something small or sometimes nothing at all. For example, if you had a biscuit you might feel good at the beginning, but when you start your test  you will feel hungry . But if you had a banana, through out the day it will  slowly power you through the day and make you awake for the most part of your day.

Fresh Air

When it comes to SATs week, you can get very stressed and anxious and sometimes you can even get tired and sometimes that’s because the lack of fresh air. It’s really crucial to have fresh air and you should also stretch and exercise because it will make you less tired and it also  gives you fresh oxygen.

Top Tips:

It’s crucial that you try your hardest and ask questions because you might think that your friends look ok until you talk to them and they probably will be worried . My next tip is practice (revise/recap) because you might have forgotten how to do long division and only revise for one hour a day. My third tip is have a schedule for example wake-up, start revising and then do whatever you like to do.


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