SATs help


When you focus on your Sats you need a good night sleep, and is you can study . All ways have a good breakfast that is packed of energy. Take breaks as you go along. Make a schedule for your learning and breaks.All ways ask for help when your stuck ask a friend.Take a minute to breathe. Go outdoor and play take breaks. Ask for matirvation. If your stuck or stressed out count to 10.


If you are struggling with a particular topic or question you can revise. To help store that information in your long term memory. Information in your long term memory is information you can draw on it again.The best way to revise is in a short burst, with breaks in between.


When you wake up all ways have a healthy breakfast, this is important because it will give lots of energy. Did you know that your brain takes 20% of energy in your body all ways take breaks revise for 1 hour a day.Turn your phone of so you don’t get distracted. If you eat a biscuit you won’t have that much energy to last you. All ways have a positive attitude to teachers and other people.

All ways show good behaviour because the teachers will focus on your learning,and people that listen. Is any one in the test is being distracting you cope with it, because the teachers will deal with it. You can take runs in the mornings so it will take you’re mind off of learning. Before the week of your SATs revises any topic you not good at. I hope these top tips will help you with your SATs.

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