Mountains forming.


How are mountains formed ? In this fact file we will answer  this question and find out  how all mountains are formed. Mountains are formed in many different ways ( block , dome , fold and plateaus)and  all of theses  mountain types are all over the world.

Block Mountains

Block mountains are formed when 2 tectonic plates collide or pull apart from each other . The ground on either  side of the block mountain is pulled down while the block mountain is pulled upwards and this is due to the tectonic plates. An amazing example of a block mountain is Mount Everest , which is in the Himalayas mountain range.

Dome mountains

When dome mountains are formed, molten rock , which comes from deep inside of Earth , pushes against the Earths crust and results in a dome shaped mountain . Although dome mountains have molten rock (lava) , it does not break the surface (crust) of the Earth and if it did then the mountain would not be a dome mountain , it would be a volcano.

Fold mountain

A fold mountain , which is the most common type of mountain , is formed when tectonic plates (over millions of years ) push forward and begin to fold , making a fold mountain. Eventually after enough time it can form a mountain range of fold mountains. The Himalayas mountain range is a folded mountain range , which began to form when the Indian and Asian plates collided .



A plateau mountain is formed in a similar way to the dome mountain and it is formed when magma fails to break the crust of the Earth ( if it did it would turn into a volcano ) . Plateaus mountains can occur in every continent of the world , which makes it take up 1/3 of our land. An example of a plateaus mountain is the Yellowstone Plateaus ( it is located in the United States ) .


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