Sacrewell farm

First, at Sacrewell farm, we went to the hall to have a little snack and listen to the instructions about how to stay safe. Then we exited the hall and went to see the alpacas and the peacocks. Following this, we went to see the donkeys and ponies. And then we went to see the goats and there was a peacock right beside the goat barrier. We tried to pet it, but I was nervous about us. We saw a very fat sheep with curly horns. Then we went to the watermill, it was at 4 levels. On the first level, we saw the huge wheel going round and round carrying water, then on the second level, we saw a little game where we put seeds in a grinder and then turn on where the arrow is pointing, and it would make a flower from the seeds. On the third level, there was barely anything so we went to the other final level so we had to resort to a bag of flour, which moves through the little flaps. The steps were steep and some of us went down backwards to make sure we didn’t fall. I thought I was going to die. Then we went pond dipping. Unbelievably, we found three blood worms, a stick beetle and a water scorpion. Afterwards, we went to the shop and I got bouncing putty, but it didn’t last long. We saw a big fat pig and I called it Peppa Pig after that we saw a lazy fat pig and we called it daddy pig. Then we went to the playground for the rest of the day, and then we went back to the hall to have a little break. Finally, we got back on the coach and travelled back to school. I can’t think of 1 best thing. It was all amazing.

My Weekend

I went to Reggie’s house for fun and I went to and I saw a Rolls Royce Ghost in the macdonals parking lot and we were parked next to a Bentley. The Bentley was black and the Rolls Royce was a gold

On Sunday we chilled with are family.

My Weekend

My Weekend

Through the weekend, me and my sister went to my nans house.

At my nans house, me and Isla played this game called Roblox and she got us 800 robux.

On Sunday, our friends Ashlynn and Alannah came round we played frisbee football and freeze tag.

After all that fun, our mum got there sadly we had to leave but the funny bit was Ashlynn and Alannah were locked out.

On the weekend I went to meet my friend  at Charlie Monkeys And I went with Poppy because we used to be together since we were babies.  we like to have a bath together we have memories together when we were kids and babies we had so much fun Charlie  we went on the bumper cars because we went into the Priory onto the drop-down side and the crazies were the one downside it via Anderson because I brought person and poppy for her little brother Theo and Theo go so like teach other Sophia Grace and played with each other and me and poppy play with each other we get to pick lunch and we get a refill we get a treat of popcorn or credit sandwiches and white chocolate.

On Sunday I took Simba my dog for a walk to town and he found a stick and he didn’t want it to us pictures big one so you get rushing into stuff and I went back home On Sunday I took Simba my dog for a walk to town and he found a stick and he didn’t want it to us because there’s a big one so you get rushing into stuff and I went back home and had a little movie night tell me when to bed next  is school that is my weekend.


First I got to see the scan of my baby cousin Autumn and in my presentation, I forgot to tell you Autumn is due in March 10th I’m soooooooooo exited aah I can’t wait, it’s only 34 days away aaaah eeeee


I went to my dad’s work shop 🏬 to my dad‘s friend’s house to have lots of fun together and we even went in his hot tub so we can be nice and warm. We even went into Sukaesih it was lots of 🤩 but we went to a church. We went to McDonald’s to get some food I even saw my brother Eden. I have never seen him before. I really missed him. We went to a trampoline park we even played with each other with my new footballs it has lights and everything. What you need to do is talk to it and you have to twist it. Me and my brother even played with it all around the park  and we had lots of stuff. We went to get something from the shop. Guess what we did we went to the park 10 times in a row🏬 We had lots of fun bye love you.