I went in my swimming pool on the weekend. I went in with my brothers and sisters. I went to my grandads and my Nan’s house and then we went to the park. After that I got McDonald’s. I went to my house. Then I went to my auntie‘s house to sleepover for two nights.


I went to my dad’s work shop 🏬 to my dad‘s friend’s house to have lots of fun together and we even went in his hot tub so we can be nice and warm. We even went into Sukaesih it was lots of 🤩 but we went to a church. We went to McDonald’s to get some food I even saw my brother Eden. I have never seen him before. I really missed him. We went to a trampoline park we even played with each other with my new footballs it has lights and everything. What you need to do is talk to it and you have to twist it. Me and my brother even played with it all around the park  and we had lots of stuff. We went to get something from the shop. Guess what we did we went to the park 10 times in a row🏬 We had lots of fun bye love you.

My Weekend

On the weekend

I went to Jamie’s house and played and then I went outside and went around his block and Jamie’s car went around the park And then I saw Olivia and Glorian and then I went back to Jamie’s.

house status of fun with his brother and him and we played games, watch some Netflix outside and we saw Olivia and Glorian today is national 💸 Russia and shut the end of the 🗺.


About football

When I do football out the front of my house I play with my friends Jamie and Jackson. I played with the phones so they needed to kick the ball to each other. We went to the park we were going to Bowling with Jackson and Jamie. We had done lots of fun with the children.

Cool blog

At the weekend I have been playing football with my best friends with so much fun. Haven’t even went to my best friends house and play football with them too. We did cool tricks together and for it to go to each other so I’ll be lots of fun and I played basketball with my best friends it was my basketball game we had so much fun together even got a football net and a bus brunette het.