At the weekend I went to have my hair done longer with my mum. The next day, we went to take some before and we had so much time until carvery and had pudding it was really nice. We had a fun time anyone could ever have in life. It was the best day ever. It took a long time to do my hair, over half of the day. I couldn’t believe it, it is so beautiful I couldn’t even type and my friend knows how to make dreadlocks along which is my mother’s friend Aaron. Then we went to the Carvery to get some food and we went to the town desert and we get to have fizzy and it was so good you don’t have the best time ever I love mummy because she always she would always do anything she want to make us happy. I love her she is the best mum. We had a lovely, lovely weekend. The next day, you text him before a long walk we had so much fun. even dating us dirty and have a friends.

My weekend

On Saturday I went to polish school. I learned some polish. When I got home I went on my bed and played some games on my tablet.

The next day, I woke up early because I had to go to my first football match in my league. When the match was finished, after we got home, I went upstairs and played video games.

This weekend I went to my nan’s house.

At my nan’s house, my friends that live next to my nan’s house came to play with us.

On Sunday, we came home and I was so cheeky I stole food from my nan’s house.

My favourite bit was when my friends came round to play.

Save the planet with us!

Help us save the planet!

We all know that there is loads of rubbish on the ground and lots of sea/land animals are dying. All of us humans would appreciate it if you would help us!

some things we need to do:

– Pick up any litter that is thrown on the ground

– Don’t throw rubbish on the ground

-Recycle than put trash in the grey bins

-Dont use a car as much/save gas

-Turn off lights when you’re not in the room

-Use only the water you need/don’t use as much

-Volunteer to clean up

-Plant a tree

-Use long-lasting light bulb

-Create  artwork with the item you were about to throw away


-Made by Olivia

Hello world!

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