My Weekend

My Weekend

Through the weekend, me and my sister went to my nans house.

At my nans house, me and Isla played this game called Roblox and she got us 800 robux.

On Sunday, our friends Ashlynn and Alannah came round we played frisbee football and freeze tag.

After all that fun, our mum got there sadly we had to leave but the funny bit was Ashlynn and Alannah were locked out.

My weekend

During the weekend, me and my little sister Isla went to our nan’s house.

On the way there, Isla started annoying me so I said let’s play a game because your annoying me.

When we got there, Isla got to the chocolate cupboard while I just sat on the sofa listening to Spotify.


My Weekend

On Saturday, I went to Cineworld  to watch sing 2 and had popcorn and pepsi I drank some of my mums coke only because I had all of mine.

After that, we went to the park and me and my little sister Isla met a new friend.

On Sunday, and my family played Uno and we played family board games and I tried finishing work.

This weekend I went to my nan’s house.

At my nan’s house, my friends that live next to my nan’s house came to play with us.

On Sunday, we came home and I was so cheeky I stole food from my nan’s house.

My favourite bit was when my friends came round to play.