My weekend was fun because me and my mum were doing puzzles all day and sometimes my sister joined in. We finished at least 3 puzzles and after we finished them we slept downstairs and we watched tv for a bit. After we watched tv we went to sleep.

My weekend

During the weekend, me and my little sister Isla went to our nan’s house.

On the way there, Isla started annoying me so I said let’s play a game because your annoying me.

When we got there, Isla got to the chocolate cupboard while I just sat on the sofa listening to Spotify.


My Weekend

On Sunday,I went to Birmingham with my aunty and uncle and a little cute baby. He is a boy. First, we went shopping and got some food and dresses then when it was nighttime we went to an Indian buffet I had chicken fry chips salad.

My Weekend

Hi, I am Jenson,

On the weekend

I had New Shoes

I went to Alton Towers resort for one day It cost 💸💰💵

I went to a football party ⚽️🥅

I want to play Minecraft and some other games like 🏓🏀🥏

I got to play Uno and Monopoly and Cluedo


My weekend.

Yesterday I went to my swimming class and to a car boot. Whilst I was in the car boot sale, I was able to get my very own design booklet and I had a lot of fun doing it and it had a few stickers for it.

My weekend

On the weekend I didn’t really do anything I just went to Polish school then my friend came over for a sleepover. After that, we went to Glorian’s and made a base out of a tree that has fallen down.On Sunday we went to finish it off but without Glorian. Then I went to the shop and at 19pm I got new games on my Nintendo switch. Those games were World of Tanks, YouTube,Fifa 22, Rocket League, Pokémon.

I also was playing for a long time and then I watched YouTube for the end of the day.Then I grabbed my Nintendo switch and played a game.

Snakes an video games

On Saturday I went with my dad to work and was able to get money

On Sunday I went to see snakes and got a python and held 8 snakes and watched the football with Ribena and cheered when Liverpool won and then we were playing games on my ps5 and we laughed.

We had dinner and are dinner was sushi and it was nice for the first time, we enjoyed it.


Early baby

I’m so excited because my cousin might be born today. I went to see my big brother play rugby and after that my cousin Nala and I got to play catch with a rugby ball and that was on Sunday.

My Weekend

On Saturday, I went to Cineworld  to watch sing 2 and had popcorn and pepsi I drank some of my mums coke only because I had all of mine.

After that, we went to the park and me and my little sister Isla met a new friend.

On Sunday, and my family played Uno and we played family board games and I tried finishing work.

My Weekend

On Saturday, I went to my cousin’s house. Their house is very big and they live in London there are 4 floors. We went to m&m world and we brought a lot of sweets 🍭 we also went to the park near their house it had a reaaaaally long slide but you need to climb up the big hill.