My happy weekend 😊

After school on Friday, I went home to get changed because my Nan and her friend Roger were coming to pick me and my little sister, Isla, up for the fireworks.

They were so fun. They came in many different shapes and sizes, we even saw a heart-shaped one.

When we got home me and Isla went onto the sofa and snuggled up in a warm blanket. We watched a few episodes of SpongeBob until we fell asleep.

Saturday morning was fun as we all got ready because we were going out to the rec (Park) for Gala day.

I had a scrumptious chocolate cake and Isla just had a rice crispy cake. Afterwards, we both went on a climbing frame made of rope. Some ropes were wriggly some were as still as a rock.

There were platforms, with swings hanging down and a trampoline in the centre.

I climbed so high and sat on a platform I even did it with my teddy in my hand.

Sunday well… me and Isla felt sick and we were a bit weak, so we both had lots of naps and we had to get in the car because it was just my mum looking after us. We had to go then because she had to pick up a friend and we can’t be home alone.

When we got back home, I watched SpongeBob and had another nap.

!!!The end of my blog!!!


On Saturday l went to Polish school because it was the last day until the summer holidays and after I got changed and we went to the park, and when we got there, I did some gymnastics. On Sunday we went to the playground with a huge slide and I did some more gymnastics because I love gymnastics.

Weekend Fun

At the weekend I took my puppy Harley for a walk at the Hinchingbrooke park and after that, I went to the cinema and then had KFC with Sophia.

On Saturday we went to go see Danny and it was a one-hour drive to Wicksteed Park but Danny was kind and got me a Candy floss a slush puppy jelly beans doughnuts an ice cream and waffles with a little bit of caramel sauce so at the end I had a sugar rush.

At the farm, we went to see the animals, but first, we had to go on the coach so we could get to see the animals on the farm. Then we went to eat. Next, we went outside to explore and we found a peacock. Then we went to have some lunch then we went to play in the play area and go on the monkey bars and we went on the zip wire and then we went back on the coach and then we are back to school and then they have fun on the journey back to school.


We had a great day all together.

Farm Trip

First, we went on the coach to get to the farm, and after that, we went to put our things away. Then the lady told us how to stay safe and that we were not allowed to run and climb over the fences. After that, we went to see the animals. First, we saw a peacock, lamas, goats and sheep. Next, we went to see a building with old things in it. It was the old watermill. A while later, we went pond dipping. It was fun because we discovered some amazing underwater creatures. After this, it was lunch, and we ate outside because it was a lovely day. It was like having a picnic. Then we went to the shop to spend our pocket money. After that, we went to see pigs, horses and rabbits. Our final activity was to play in the fantastic playground and played we stayed there for another hour.


My weekend has been excellent because I went to Johnsons Farm and it was terrific.  I could feed the animals and I could touch them. They were all so cute,  loved it, they were so cute. I saw rabbits, peacocks, Guinea pigs, pigs and lots of other animals.  Also, I had a breakfast as we went really really early .

Sacrewell farm trip

When we went to Sacrewell farm I had a lot of fun because we went to go pond dipping, we managed to find a lot of underwater creatures. Then we went to the park. Before pond dipping, we saw peacocks and alpacas. A while later, we went to the store to spend our pocket money, on the way we met a peacock and decided to call him Jerald. After we met Jerald we had to go for lunch. After lunch, Jerald was waiting for us.  We went to have a  look water mill. After this Then we went to a maze, it was easy to work out how to get out. Then we went to the park for 20 minutes, this was great fun and I had a go on a digger which had shovels to dig the sand. Sadly, we had to go back to the coach. I was so tired I almost fell asleep.

Sacrewell Trip

As the coach stopped and we reached Sacrewell, all the people got excited and loud. As we got out, and we were split into groups.

As we got into the lunch hall, we sat down and had a quick snack. When we got outside, we saw two colourful peacocks and a shepherd’s hut. The hut was used as shelter in world war 2. Then, we met the goats. It’s horns were made out of the same material as our nails and we petted them. After that, we went to see how a mill functioned. A mill is a wheel which turns the water into drinking water. Next, we went pond dipping. What we did was, put the net in the water and give 3 gentle taps. Then, we scoop up the insects and examine them. Me and Rayan caught a flatworm, a blood worm and a new type which was not on the sheet. It was really big.

Afterwards, we had our lunch and we went to the park. It had slides, trampolines and even a zip line. It was my favourite. We also went to the souvenir shop and I got a fidget cube. Then, we saw the pigs and sheep. As we reached  the end of the day, we got in the coach and got back to school.

Sacrelfarm trip.

When we got on the coach we picked our seats. Then we were in the coach for a very long time. It felt like an hour. When we got there we went to the lunch hall and some ladies told us the safety rules. After that, we went to see some animals and do pond dipping. Afterwards, we went to the shop and then it was lunchtime. When we ate our lunch we went to see some more animals. Then we played in the park until we had to go back to school. When we were on the coach, I was playing with my toy this time, it seemed faster to get back to school. This time it felt like half an hour to get back to school.