My holiday

Hi I am Sharing my weekend

I played with my 🐈‍⬛ 🐈

I made some jokes🤡

I went to the beach 🏖

I played on one of my favourite games which is MINECRAFT.




My weekend

I went bowling and I played with my cousins.

I went to Wetherspoons to have breakfast.

I had so much fun it was the best day ever.

I came second with the score 99 at bowling.


My lazy days

First, on Saturday I woke up and went downstairs and opened my mum’s sweets which are Daim. I loved them and today I accidentally ate them all, whoops and my little sis only ate one oops. Umm, so yesterday I said “You my sister you are declared to be my servant now get me cookiessssssssssssssssssssssssss NOW GET IT NOWWWWWWWW ok go”

Yesterday I stayed in my mum’s bed all day playing on my phone.

My weekend 👍

So on Saturday, I played with Michal and Oliver and we built a base.

So on Sunday I played with Olivia and we went to the base Michal and Oliver continued building the base but then they went away so me and Olivia built the base and the”FOUNDATION.”

March:I played battle cats on Saturday and I got very emotional because I haven’t played in a while so in like a year.

on Sunday I got lucky 🍀 and I got two true forms I was so proud of myself I love playing the game “battle cats” my weekend.


my weekend

I didn’t really have the best weekend because after Polish school I had to go to ikea and we almost got lost but then we found the exit.I thought that was a miracle but it wasn’t. Then I went home to see my Alexa and also play some Fortnite. Luckily 🍀 I finished tie dying in my room then I set up my Alexa.


On the weekend, I went to my nan’s house. My cousins were there and at my nans, I have some quads and motorbikes and other things. Me and my older cousin took my nan and great nan’s dogs on a walk to the park and when we got back we went on a bike ride. Then we built a cinema and watched Paddington 2 and then we went on our hover boards then we watched TV then we had our tea we went out we went to wold buffet in Peterborough i was sick because I had sushi 🍱 and I didn’t like it so I was sick went to bed  then on Sunday I had some breakfast I had pancakes and then I had a shower and got dressed then I went home and my little brother was really excited to see me we both ran up to each other and then we went to the park

This is a couple weeks later, I can’t remember what I did last week so this week on Saturday I went to the cinema with my sister her friends Lola and Kiana. We went to watch Sing 2 but it was boring so instead, we went to McDonald’s and then Lola’s mum picked us up and dropped me and my sister Grace off home.  And on Sunday we went to the park.

The next weekend I went to my nans because today it’s Monday the 7th of march and that’s my birthday 🎂 so I went there on Saturday and Sunday and my dad came and got me an Alexa and £200. The next day my nan 👵 took me shopping with my cousin in Peterborough. The next day it was my birthday 🥳 I got a whole bunch of stuff and my main Present 🎁 was a Samsung galaxy 🌌 A12

Now it’s the 14th of march and this weekend I went to my friends and we made a den and turned it into a cinema. We did some makeup and then had dinner 🥘 we had spaghetti 🍝 bolganas then we did TikTok’s.