On Saturday my Nan came over and when she came over she asked whether we wanted to go to Johnson’s Farm and McDonald’s or park and McDonalds.

We went to Johnson’s Farm and it was so fun. We went in the park and we saw many different animals.

We were so lucky we even got to see our friends Riley, Mazey and Jayden, they’re all siblings and we played together.

My favourite animal was either the parrots the sloth bear, since it was on its own the meerkats or the leopard cats.

I got to get a small teddy with my little sister. She got a snow leopard I just got a regular leopard.

I called mine Simba and my little sister called hers Snow.

When we got back my dad set up the swimming pool.

On Sunday, I went in the swimming pool. Me and my little sister did massive splashes to make big waves.

She got out but she was funny,  she kept poking her head up through the door window and kept watching me swim.

Then I got out I did homework and had a nap when I woke up we had to get ready to leave because we were going to see my Auntie and Uncle.

We all had lunch together and when everybody left we were finished so we all ran around playing tag all the adults and children it was so funny.

Then we went to the club and we played Guess Who and me and my little sister played at the pool table.

The End

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