My weekend

My weekend

My weekend was fun because I had my favourite teacher in Polish school and she gave out very few pieces of homework. We also got to go outside and play with some of the older kids on the field. We played football, tag and many other games.


Sunday was also fun. I went to Glorian’s house and we had to wait one hour to play Fortnite.

Saturday & Sunday / 7.5.22 & 8.5.22

On Saturday I had Polish school. It was boring, but I had fun because we had a very fun experiment. Since there were barely any children in the class. We had to join two of the classes together. We had a different teacher because we did Geography.

On Sunday, I played games with my friends and we had a lot of fun. We played games and matched. We also did Pageants with some other people on the server. Unfortunately, we didn’t place in many rounds, but we still got prizes for participating.

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