On the weekend we took my puppy out for a walk and then we went to the shop to get some shopping. Next day I stayed in the house for the day.

Weekend Fun

At the weekend I took my puppy Harley for a walk at the Hinchingbrooke park and after that, I went to the cinema and then had KFC with Sophia.

On Saturday we went to go see Danny and it was a one-hour drive to Wicksteed Park but Danny was kind and got me a Candy floss a slush puppy jelly beans doughnuts an ice cream and waffles with a little bit of caramel sauce so at the end I had a sugar rush.

At the farm, we went to see the animals, but first, we had to go on the coach so we could get to see the animals on the farm. Then we went to eat. Next, we went outside to explore and we found a peacock. Then we went to have some lunch then we went to play in the play area and go on the monkey bars and we went on the zip wire and then we went back on the coach and then we are back to school and then they have fun on the journey back to school.


We had a great day all together.

On the weekend I went to meet my friend  at Charlie Monkeys And I went with Poppy because we used to be together since we were babies.  we like to have a bath together we have memories together when we were kids and babies we had so much fun Charlie  we went on the bumper cars because we went into the Priory onto the drop-down side and the crazies were the one downside it via Anderson because I brought person and poppy for her little brother Theo and Theo go so like teach other Sophia Grace and played with each other and me and poppy play with each other we get to pick lunch and we get a refill we get a treat of popcorn or credit sandwiches and white chocolate.

On Sunday I took Simba my dog for a walk to town and he found a stick and he didn’t want it to us pictures big one so you get rushing into stuff and I went back home On Sunday I took Simba my dog for a walk to town and he found a stick and he didn’t want it to us because there’s a big one so you get rushing into stuff and I went back home and had a little movie night tell me when to bed next  is school that is my weekend.

At the weekend I was thinking about my new puppy. But we had to go to my grandad’s house and we went to the safari park to see the birds. But one of the birds went and pooped on my grandad’s shoulder which was so bad.



At the weekend I went to have my hair done longer with my mum. The next day, we went to take some before and we had so much time until carvery and had pudding it was really nice. We had a fun time anyone could ever have in life. It was the best day ever. It took a long time to do my hair, over half of the day. I couldn’t believe it, it is so beautiful I couldn’t even type and my friend knows how to make dreadlocks along which is my mother’s friend Aaron. Then we went to the Carvery to get some food and we went to the town desert and we get to have fizzy and it was so good you don’t have the best time ever I love mummy because she always she would always do anything she want to make us happy. I love her she is the best mum. We had a lovely, lovely weekend. The next day, you text him before a long walk we had so much fun. even dating us dirty and have a friends.