My weekend-

Last Saturday, I had to go to Polish School but it was fun because we were able to go outside and play.  But some of the boys in my class were not behaving so they had to do a punishment which  was 5 laps across the whole playground, the playground was very big.

-my weekend-  28.2.202

My weekend was very fun because I was at Glorian’s house and we rebuilt a mini base that Michal and Oliver built when I wasn’t there.
I also played some games with Glorian while I was there, we also watched some scary fnaf tapes with some sweet popcorn. Before we done that we went to pay at the park and eventually my dad and brother came. It was a very fun weekend that I had.

My Weekend

On the weekend

I went to Jamie’s house and played and then I went outside and went around his block and Jamie’s car went around the park And then I saw Olivia and Glorian and then I went back to Jamie’s.

house status of fun with his brother and him and we played games, watch some Netflix outside and we saw Olivia and Glorian today is national 💸 Russia and shut the end of the 🗺.

My Weekend

My weekend

Over the weekend, I was just chilling at home but I remembered I had to go on my iPad and do homework .
When I finished my homework I went to text my next door neighbour to see if she could come out the front and then play with me and my sister.

My Weekend

On the weekend, my friends came over to play with me and my sister. We played games on my Xbox. Luckily, I had two control’s so we can play my favourite game. The name of the game is Lego marvel.😁

My Weekend

On Saturday I went to the unit with my dad and help him clean up his unit and then we got Costa coffee and went home. Then we started painting our house to be ready for our mum to come home.

On Sunday we went to hold a 6-foot long python and he was swinging, hehe.

At the cinema


  • On Sunday, I went to the cinema and saw Michal. I went to see Sing 2, it was a good movie and it had some funny moments in the middle of the story. I got a drink and some popcorn. After the movie, I went home and I had pasta and bacon. In the night I went to the bathroom and I heard my little sister saying some of the funny parts in the movie. The next day I went swimming in the afternoon.

At the weekend I was thinking about my new puppy. But we had to go to my grandad’s house and we went to the safari park to see the birds. But one of the birds went and pooped on my grandad’s shoulder which was so bad.