What I did on the weekend

On the weekend, I went to my nans and it was really hot, so we went into her garage and got her water slide out. Then we went on that for about an hour and then we got the swimming pool out and while that was filling up we got a humongous green sheet and we turned it into a slipping slide.  We put water on it and fairy liquid and we were doing challenges and obstacle courses. Then my great nan came over for her birthday, she turned 82. Before we got into the pool and everything we set up a party for her and then everybody else came round,  like my uncle and aunty and my cousins.

On the weekend, I went to have a picnic with my friends and my mum and sister. I had to go on a trampoline with my sister and my friend. It was just amazing to go there with my friends and my mum and sister.

My Weekend

On Saturday, we went outside and rode on out new scooters. We got them as a present and they were blue and green. We also ate pizza when we got home. On Sunday, we played with our LEGOs and we also played Minecraft.

Well being

It is important that we have a healthy lifestyle in order to live a happy life. We should eat fruits and vegetables to get the vitamins we need. We should also eat protein like fish or chicken to heal wounds. Carbs are also required to give us energy. But too many carbs cannot be good for you. Dairy is also important for bones and nails as it increases them and makes them stronger. A little portion of fast food is OK.

My weekend

My weekend was great. First, I went to my cousin’s house for a sleepover and it was great we had some chicken wraps and it was so good. Then we played and made a secret lair, but my brother knew where it was and acted like a monster and always attacked us.


I went to church.


I went out on a boat and it was great 😀

I went to the beach with my family 😘

I went to the ZOO and I went to the farm 🦍🦓🐅

I soon soar some dear 🦌

Wonderful weekend

On Saturday we didn’t do much we went to my favourite cafe for fun.


On Father’s Day, we had MacDonald’s for breakfast and it was delicious and we also went to Homebase for a new mop. We then went to lidl for food and had a traditional dinner.

The end

My weekend


First, after school, I went into town and got some stuff that was needed at home. Then I went to my cousin’s house and I had fun.



I went to Peterborough to got a new TV and Peterborough was pretty nice and I loved it. I enjoyed my time there.


I went to church.