A happy weekend

On Saturday it was my cousin’s birthday party and he came to stay the day before.Β  On his birthday, we went to inflatabounce Β and for dinner we went to an Asian restaurant. On Sunday, we had a hair cut.


I went to play pool with my dad and I won πŸ˜†Β I played with my electric bike 🚴🏻

I went to the beach 🏝

I went on a roller coaster 🎒🎑.

On Sunday, I went to London Green Street because this Saturday it is going to be Eid. I got a new dress for Eid and it is red and sparkly.

My weekend

On Saturday I was doing some working on my iPad and played on my switch for a little while πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘ΎπŸ‘ΎπŸ‘Ύ

On Sunday, it was roast for dinner. I did some more homework. Then I had lunch. Then dinner. Now I am in school.


My earrings

In Kuwait, I pierced my ears and it was a gun so it wasn’t too bad. After a month we tried to take out the earrings for PE and changed it to a different one which were hoops Β and it looks pretty.πŸ˜„

On Saturday, I went to a park and I saw a dirt bike.Β  I didn’t ride one and then when I got home then I stayed home. On Sunday, I went to a shop with my sister, then we went to a park. Then I was also playing Roblox with my friends, but then I felt so bored I went on a walk with my sister.

Sunday night

On Sunday I had a roast dinner and for dessert, I had ice cream because I ate all of my dinner.


My weekend

On Saturday, I did not do anything cool I just went to the end of Polish school. Later, I went to McDonald’s to get a Big Mac. After that, we went to get my sister a new phone. After that, I went to my best friend’s house. When I was at his house we went to the park to build a secret base. Then we went to buy a coke a cola. After we bought coka a cola, I kind of messed with my friend by throwing it around and pranking him with it, and then we went back to his, to play rocket league. When we played rocket league we both got a golden league. We then went to sleep and woke up. When I woke up me and my best friend was playing Fortnite. We wanted to go to the park so we did. Then I had to go home, but the day was not over. I went to get myself a new phone. I got myself an iPhone X. Then I set it up and watch TikTok almost the whole day until I called Glorian to play Fortnite.

My weekend

At the weekend, I was playing with my ball which also has a string attached to it so I can pull it back. I could also use it to pull things towards me, but I can only do it on the things lightweight and not heavy ones.