On the weekend I held my sister’s snake around my neck. It is a royal ball python and then I went outside to help my dad fix his van then I played my Xbox.¬† The End


My Weekend

I went to Reggie’s house for fun and I went to and I saw a Rolls Royce Ghost in the macdonals parking lot and we were parked next to a Bentley. The Bentley was black and the Rolls Royce was a gold

On Sunday we chilled with are family.

Snakes an video games

On Saturday I went with my dad to work and was able to get money

On Sunday I went to see snakes and got a python and held 8 snakes and watched the football with Ribena and cheered when Liverpool won and then we were playing games on my ps5 and we laughed.

We had dinner and are dinner was sushi and it was nice for the first time, we enjoyed it.


My Weekend

On Saturday I went to the unit with my dad and help him clean up his unit and then we got Costa coffee and went home. Then we started painting our house to be ready for our mum to come home.

On Sunday we went to hold a 6-foot long python and he was swinging, hehe.