First I got to see the scan of my baby cousin Autumn and in my presentation, I forgot to tell you Autumn is due in March 10th I’m soooooooooo exited aah I can’t wait, it’s only 34 days away aaaah eeeee

Early baby

I’m so excited because my cousin might be born today. I went to see my big brother play rugby and after that my cousin Nala and I got to play catch with a rugby ball and that was on Sunday.

My lazy days

First, on Saturday I woke up and went downstairs and opened my mum’s sweets which are Daim. I loved them and today I accidentally ate them all, whoops and my little sis only ate one oops. Umm, so yesterday I said “You my sister you are declared to be my servant now get me cookiessssssssssssssssssssssssss NOW GET IT NOWWWWWWWW ok go”

Yesterday I stayed in my mum’s bed all day playing on my phone.

My weekend

My weekend was the best because I got to see a scan of my baby cousin and because I got to make clothes.

I loved my weekend because my mum told me when my baby cousin is due and my baby cousin is due on March the 5 this year. My baby cousins name is Autumn and it’s a girl. I’m so excited!