On the weekend I held my sister’s snake around my neck. It is a royal ball python and then I went outside to help my dad fix his van then I played my Xbox.  The End




Very boring, we had a whole year test. It was very boring. At least we got some sweets for some awards because we had a contest and me and Michal placed 5th. The topic was “How could we change the world?” We also done some cards for our fathers since it is going to be father’s day soon.


It was perfect, I had McDonalds and the hot chocolate was finally out since 154 days(actually just 2 days). It was really good, I had some chicken strips.

My weekend

My weekend was the funest I’ve had in years. My mum went to Cambridge for an appointment at the hospital, but after this, she went to the shops and got us a tent. When I got home, I was quite surprised. The next day, I helped out with building the tent, and then I invited my friends over to the garden we went on the trampoline and had a lay down in the tent.

Sunday dinner

On Sunday we had roast dinner and for dessert I had cupcakes and brownies and it was on Father’s Day.


What I did on the weekend

On Saturday it was raining, so I went shopping with my family and after it stopped I played with my friend and when started to rain we sat under my doorstep and watched TikTok.

On Sunday, I went for a bike ride and after that, we went to Desert Central and after, we went home and ordered

On the weekend we took my puppy out for a walk and then we went to the shop to get some shopping. Next day I stayed in the house for the day.

My weekend

Most of our weekend was indoors. On Saturday, I created a paper and pipe cleaner model of me. On Sunday, I built houses, bridges and a giant Kraken holding a pirate ship in my game. In my game, there are five islands connected by bridges. One has my house and is infested with blue fungi, one has lots of flowers and blossom trees, one has a rocket, one has a forest, and one has a giant tree which is a sorcerer’s house. Although, this was all built yesterday as I noticed all my progress was deleted.

My weekend

On the weekend, I didn’t really do anything fun I had Polish school and then I went to McDonald’s and got myself a Big Mac and then I went to the mall. When I was at the mall, I saw a Tesla shop and I got to sit in a model 3 Tesla. After that, I went to the apple store and I saw an iPhone 13mini for about £300. So next time I go there I might buy myself the iPhone 13mini. Then we went to buy some sweats in an American sweet store. I got myself double stuff Oreo and my sister got jelly ranchers. Then we went to go Sports direct. On Sunday, I didn’t do much I only went to a mountain 2 hours away. There was a hole cave that I went into and then I also got to go into a crystal shop. Finally, then we went home.

Weekend 18th – 19th June 2022


On Saturday, when it was raining, me and my little sister Isla played and watched TV.

Until I thought of something we hadn’t watched in ages.

So I said, Isla can I try putting something on that we haven’t watched in ages?

She said yes, so I put it on and I forgot how hilarious and silly it was so we both laughed.

Even though it was just acting I have no idea how they were so good, funny and talented.