Animals and deforestation

Today the animals homes and habitats are being destroyed because people keep on cutting down trees and some animals live in trees so we need to stop destroying forests and other animal homes. Stop killing animals and bugs because’ some we need like bees to form honey and they can sometimes also help out flowers bloom.

deforestation is when people cut down trees and burn them, also they can hurt the animals that live there when ‘ cutting trees and bushes, other.

It affects us by cutting down trees because we need trees for oxygen and so do other animals. Some animals also need trees for food like pandas which are also going extinct. It can affect the  animals by killing there habitats and homes, food, water.

We can help and prevent this  from happening by stopping  them from cutting down trees and stop killing animals, bugs and let them be. We also have to stop cutting down tree for oxygen.

we can also help them by taking care of them and making sure that they are healthy and happy.







How to do gymnastics

First you need to stretch your body so you need to  have your feet together and go down, try to touch your feet or if you can try to touch the floor. Then spilt your feet apart a bit then touch the floor again.Like this

now that your ready to do gymnastics.

All about climate change

Climate change is where places get hotter. Alaska is getting hotter and the ice is melting into the sea and the animals that live there are dying. It’s getting 2 and a half degrees in Alaska. In Alaska the water is taking over the ice. Global warning Alaskas climate has made a great big change and Alaska has went from extremely cold to warm. The temperature has increased by 24’c since 2006.