First, the kitchen was beautifully decorated, every tile laid perfectly, every dish had been polished until shiny and the flowerpot on the table was placed exactly in the center. The walls were painted a pastel yellow, the ovens and cupboards were coloured to match. The pretty grey lace curtains were drawn just below the window so you could see the midnight moon, and the glowing stars while Coraline sat down at the small table, and waited to tuck into a delicious meal of chicken, potato, and sweetcorn. At first, Coraline, sat at the table staring at the glowing moon, she felt at home she felt a feeling that she never wanted to end. Although a few things seemed odd, as Coraline walked closer to what seemed to be her mother something caught her, eye a smudge of blood on the floor and a grave in the garden. Coraline tried to ignore them and walked on. Her ‘’Mother’’ turned around only to expose her eyes, her button eyes. Apparently, this was her ‘’other mother’’. Coraline stepped back only to fall and see a tiny speck of blood upon the ceiling as well. What had happened in this house? What was a ‘’other mother’’? Was Coraline safe?

A beautiful setting description Iliana! Great use of adverbials and other Y6 sentence types to extend your ideas! I love the hook at the end!