Hi, I am Lola. Most people think I am your typical fancy girly looking girl. Well, they are wrong. I don’t care about how I look, and I am not the one to cover my face in make up. I am just me. And this is my story.

Chapter 1

“Put this dress on, and get our maid to do your hair a make up. You need to look perfect in front of people.” remarked Mum. Lola rolled her eyes when Daliah (Mum) was not looking. Lola knew her mum hated her not wearing fancy clothing, so Lola quickly slipped on her crop top, leggings and tied her hoodie around her waist. The maid suddenly appeared in the room. “Miss, you cant wear that. Let me do your make up” she said. “Do not touch me! I can wear what I want!” Lola shouted, kicking and punching the maid. Daliah quickly ran in. “What do you think you are doing young lady! And take whatever those clothes are called off! You are an embarrassment to the family!” shout Daliah as she smacked Lola. “Mum! I have had enough of being all girly. I want to be free!” Lola screamed. This was what happened every day for weeks, and eventually, Lola was grounded for a whole 3 months. All Lola wanted in the whole world was to be free. She had a plan. One night, she would stuff under her duvet with pillows and cushions, then grab all her stuff except for her girly clothes and climb out the window. Eventually, she would get further enough away, but still close to her friends, and live with her dad. Ages ago, Daliah was caught using Jake (Dad) for his money and so Jake left. Sadly, Daliah locked Lola in the wardrobe so he could not take her, but would eventually let her out and use her as a model.

It was the next day and it was time for school. Lola attended Berry High, and was in the Popular Squad, she was the leader of the popular girls, and Max (Lola’s crush) was the leader of the popular boys. They all hung out together everyday. When Lola got to school, Sienna, Mia, Leah and Nila were waiting for her. Tina was on the other side of the hall, staring angrily as she usually does on a daily basis. Tina was the principal’s daughter, so whenever someone went to tell Mrs Fox about Tina being the nasty brat she is, she would give you detention. Tina has never got detention before. “Hey losers! I bet you guys wont get even a F on the test today cause you guys are so dumb!” she shouted. Lola just too out an uno reverse card out her pocket. Everyone laughed at Tina. Tina scowled. “Did you see the look on her face! Hahaha!” cried Sienna, crying with laughter. “She didn’t know what hot her!” added Nila. “I know right!” giggled Lola. “Tina is so stupid!” replied a voice behind them. It was Max. Lola tried not to go bright red. “Hey guys.” he said. “Hey!” replied Lola finally keeping her cool. “Want to hang out at lunch?” he asked. “Duh! We always do!” replied Mia.