Elle: We’ve been searching forever i think hes just playing a prank on us.

Miles: Mhm yes a prank that would be lasting for 2 months! sounds like a smart idea and plus William would never do that (he would)

Elle: Have you ever wondered if there was a monster out in the world maybe my powers would work for something instead of me toasting my waffles with my powers,i would really love to save someone one day,and be useful.

Miles: Hey, what if there actually was a monster and it was linked to Williams disappearance or william is the monster!

Elle: I doubt that plus even if will was a monster i wouldn`t use my powers on him

Miles: Oh because you love him

Elle: Are you joking i wouldn`t use my powers on him because i would be wasting my powers

Miles: Sure… ok, well anyway let’s get on to finding him

Elle: ok

Miles: Do you ever think that William would ever be lost,I mean he’s always with us and all of a sudden a shadow takes him..

Elle: Wait what shadow …

Miles: let’s call it “the night catcher” .

Elle: Ok get straight to the point something is fishy here how do you know that William was taken by a shadow

Miles: No offence to him but no one really talks to him and he was the one that was out in the woods with Sean they were meant to grab these “rare” flowers well look who survived Sean.

Elle:Who’s this Sean  guy

Miles: The one who was dating nova(my cousin)

Elle : ok  anyways what’s the year today

Miles: It’s 1987 and the time is 7 am and I’m holding a corpus why you ask it’s our only source of anything alive in this forest

Elle :It’s 1987…It’s the new year and Halloween this wasn’t my New Years resolution he’s going to appear today right?…

Miles:We hope so hey! I got something my compass is twitching it’s telling me to go backwards …

Elle:No keeping going forwards I’m telling you this is the right way see?..

Miles: What do you mean?

Elle: I see a shadow..


Elle:Wiggles away*

And that was the day when miles lost everything well we thought so ,

Elle and William wearing red and yellow coats-: My names ketchup and my name is mustard together we’re ketchup and mustard


Elle: you got pranked but I do have super powers

Miles: You’re joking right?

William : Of course..not since it’s Halloween we just wanted to spice things up but if I’m being honest you did a pretty good job at being calm about it but sadly you did fall for it

Elle: When I said something was fishy I meant the smell of you

Miles : laughs*

William : I didn’t expect you to be chill about this to

Miles : I’m not

Elle and William: Run for your lives.Quick