It was just a normal day,I was looking in the school library for a cool book when.

Suddenly the lights went off ,and I could hear the sound of  someone putting a lock on a door. I was so scared. I was plunged into darkness and i decided to wonder around to find a light switch. All i could feel was the brush of cool air agent my skin. I then heard a siren. The sound echoed throw me. I after a bit of Hesitation i decided to follow it i thought it was the noice of the outside world. The noice was getting louder and louder. For all i could do was to try and feel around to get an idea of where i am.

So i put that idea to the test and i starter to feel around. From what i could make out i could feel a door with a ice cold handle against my skin. The sound was only getting louder. It felt so wired. It felt as if i was blind. I was only folded with thoughts of how bad this could be and what might happen if i follow was his noise. Could this be a prank. If it was this was extremely mean. I thought back to when i was locked in and heard that noise. They must have locked up the school and not seen me.

I have no knowledge of where i am or where i am going. All i could say was will this every end. My head was pounding from the defining  noise as it get closer and closer. This is the worst. I decided to start to hit myself incas I was in a dream but it didn’t work Iwasn’t a dream . This was real not a dream.

I was feeling a lot of  hesitation as I just wondered if this was ever going to stop. Wished i hadn’t left My phone at home. I could then hear the sound of the school clock  China  And i  counted the sound and it was eight at night i was definitely late home why hadn’t my mother come look for me. Wondering more i could see a little bit of light but maybe it was just my imagination.

The noice had stop at last and i then felt pushed against a wall what was it I  felt that ice cold breath agonised me. And suddenly I was exposed to the light. I look back at the school all the  noises have stopped. Was that this.  siren or was it my  imagination  what will happen next.