Is it okay to give someone a dragon at a young age?

Recently, we saw an image where a king gave his young kids a dragon for their 5th birthday. He did this because he thought it may help them protect the kingdom! This led to our discussion about the big question.

On one hand, having a dragon so soon, gives the twins a lot of time to: train and bond with it. Also,if they get along well with the dragon, it could protect them from different, deadly things.

But on the other hand, dragons are very dangerous creatures, and could hurt the twins badly. If they do not train it right, or irritate it, the dragon could get mad. The twins are only six, so they probably won’t remember all of the rules, which means the dragon could, again, hurt them. Also, if the twins forget to feed it, or play with it, the dragon could do some terrible things, such as kill someone. The king could have given them something else, for example, (to get them ready for a dragon) a book on how to take care of it.

After thinking this over a few times, I am still unable to make a decision – What is your conclusion? Do you agree with the kings decision, or disagree? Or maybe are you like me, and are not sure? 

One thought on “Is it okay to give someone a dragon at a young age?

  1. Well done Sarah, you have presented your points clearly and have obviously thought about this issue in depth. You have considered lots of different ways to extend your sentences with additional clauses and made use of higher-level punctuation such as hyphens

    A next step might be to take some of your ideas and develop them further with additional detail and perhaps evidence to support them.

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