Big Write – Diary – Holes

Dear Diary,

I finally arrived after a lifelong journey on the bus to camp green lake : the guard at the front of the bus had been watching me non-stop. Im not sure  what he was watching me for! Not like i could go anywhere with these handcuffs on. This is why its so hard to write today, as my hands have been left rough and sore from the restraints.

I have travelled miles and miles ,but still no sight of a camp. As i looked out the dusty window, all i could see was a never-ending view of sand. Plain old sand. It seemed like a strange place for a camp with a large lake i thought myself. The bus came to sudden stop and the sun light blinded my tired eyes. Is this what they call a “ camp”. How did they even name this place? Camp Green Lake where is all the green there is not even a single weed ,but anyway where is the Lake I knew there was something wrong with this place. I would have rather chosen jail over this how did  I even end up here this is all because of my no -good- pig -stealing -dirty-rotten-great-great grand father .Why does this have to always  happen to me ?

My thoughts to myself was it wouldn’t be that bad would it  unfortunately ,i seem to be on the wrong track .I expected there to be more green like more more green ,what did i even expect camp fun and games this is a place for criminals .I do remember all the rich kids saying their summer at camp felt like heaven swimming in the ice-cold water more like swimming in my own sweat and even canoeing and water skiing well clearly I am in the wrong place.However i did expect there to gates and guard tower’s I don’t think I have seen one of them i wonder what my mother is doing right now I know that I am innocent but,looks like the other kids used that excuse already I don’t want them thinking I am the same like one of them who knows what they did.I don’t even have proof i just have to suck it up and do what they offer.just when I thought i could escape and there is no gates to obvious and there were  only sandy deserts for about 9 hours way .



There I was thinking about the amazing things at a normal camp,unlike this hell hole .I have no idea on who i am going to meet !then suddenly,the guard took me into an air conditioned room (office )I finally had the feeling of relief who wouldn’t be .walking around in the 52 degree heat is the one of the worst things that could possible happen to you.not here.when I got inside,I first saw a man leaning on a chair wearing a cowboy hat which, cowered both his eyes that was when I realised he was wearing sun glasses even though we were inside i atleast hoped that weird looking man would be nice.then he told me his name was “Mr Sir” I’m not sure if that was “Mr Sirs” real name or he just wants me to call him that or that he had a really embarrassing sir name. Behind him was a mini fridge clean neat fridge which,had beeds of condensation dripping down .he offered the guard a can of soda two I thought one was for me but no it was for the bus driver .he brought me out  and asked me if I wanted to escape and said if you do just start running I said no and he said that there is only deserts and that they only have the food and drink for miles.after a while, a man with a thick curly beard walk in he told me his name was Mr pendanski then he weirdly sounded it out in three easy word pen dan and ski like i was a kid and told me that he is going to turn my life around.while we were going three boys walked to us and Mr pendanski introduced me to magnet ,armpit and zigzag and Mr pendanski said they are just their nicknames and he perfers calling them their real name which are jose,theodore and ricky .



So far it has not been the best day of my life at all.i’m not being optimistic about the rest of my time in camp green lake either I just can’t stop thinking about my family back home. I really do miss my grand father singing with him while we ate our food is one of my favourite memories that we made together.when digging thoes holes was when i got worried about them,I just wanted to tell someone how i felt i cant. cry












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