How does your Circulatory system works?

Your heart is one of the many  important organs in your body.the circulatory system is one of the three systems you have in your body.Your heart (which is approximately the size of your two fists clenched together)  on average beats 100,000 times a day,your heart would of beaten 2.5billion times in a lifetime.Without your heart you wouldn’t be alive because this organ keeps  your blood flowing smoothly.If you would like to learn more about this life saving organ keep reading because you will become the most intelligent person in the world.

Next we have the right atrium,the atrium is one of the main chambers of the heart and it is responsible for taking deoxygenated blood to the lungs when blood arrives to the atrium a special valve (which is a piece of tissue that opens and closen letting blood in in one direction )connecting to the right ventricle .when the heart beats,the ventricle contracts sending the blood travelling down veins by blood and sends it out.

After that,your blood cells go down to your lungs taking oxygen where there is no oxygenated blood.Your blood cells help keep  all of your blood oxygenated.

Now lets talk about how the heart  pumps your body,the hart pumps your body by realizing blood and engulfing it.Your heart pumps your body because your blood cells  go to your heart and the cells are in your blood.

After that your blood cells will do the same thing but reverse and your blood cells will go back to the same place as last time.



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