HPS Lego League

On Saturday, 18th January 2020, 7 children from year 5 and year 6 from HPS went to Whirlpool, Peterborough for the regional Lego League. This means around 11 other schools from around Cambridgeshire all come to this one place for the first part of the Lego League then, if they win, they would head to Bristol for the Nationals Lego League, then onto the Internationals where they could get crowned Lego League champions for that year.

The Rules

The rules are…

  • The one with the most points is the winner.
  • There are three ways to get points – The Robot game, The innovation project and The robot design. All of these have their own designated trophy or prize.
  • In the Robot Game you have 6 precision tokens. If you handle/ touch the robot out of the home area you lose a certain amount and they count as points.
  • There are twelve missions and you have 2:30 minutes to do them all.
  • You get extra points if your robot fits in the home area.
  • Winner if the Regionals, or Nationals move on to the next competition.
  • 9 to 16 yr olds can join.

What happens at Regionals?

In the Regional stage of the Lego League, your team goes to a building in your county or region, for this year, for Cambridgeshire it was Whirlpool, Peterborough. This happens for around 11 other teams. You then have 3 chances to get points in the robot game, competing against another school. You then have 5 minutes on a practice table to practice how to do 1 or all of the 12 missions. Throughout that, teams get pulled out to be interviewed, tested or present their projects. In the robot design, two people from your team get picked as the best builder, and best programmer, and they get tested on how well they can program and build. Then they get pulled out to present their innovation project (a project where they explain a problem around the world, in their continent, in their country, or in their county) and get judged on how they presented it, or their project focus altogether.

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