Camp Green Lake advertisment (Big Write)

Camp Green Lake

Has your child been in trouble with the law ? Do you feel like you can handle no more ? Have they gone down a path where you no longer recognize them? well,look no further. Imagine a place where you child will be able to be corrected ,imagine a place where they can make everlasting friendships , imagine a place full of experienced educators . Your not in a false fantasy book : welcome to camp green lake . Although your child has done bad ,they will be at peace here .Camp green lake offers young offenders to go from delinquent to delight ,this is a place where children will discover who there meant to be and free there personalities  .Camp green lake offers support with guidance Councillors and lets kids be free while being educated in the wild.Here at Camp Green Lake we believe we should not be punishing kids we should be correcting them . The question is:does this sound like a place to send your kids?



There is a place located in the big bend of  Texas. Where there is never a day go by without the sun glistening in the diamond sky above. Here, in the heart of the big bend ,is where Camp Green Lake is located. Although the lake has now shriveled,there is plenty more to see. We are the only known location to have yellow spotted lizards part of our rare wildlife. Our kids sleep in tents but this is not a monstrosity you think it is  , these tents will be a sleeping experience never to be forgotten . We have the luxury of stretched golden sand like never seen before: the dream land where everyone wants to go. This will be an experience  your child will memo-rate forever . We don’t believe in big iron bars which therefore provides your child to have fun ,are you going to take your troublesome tot  here?




Are you wondering what facilities we offer? well you dont have to wonder because here it is. Here at Camp Green Lake we  offer a Councillor for each group of selected kids and give them a  chance to refurbish themselves into a member society will recognize and for them to make life changing decisions for there future . This offers you a chance for a break away from your kids a chance for you to relax.Are you worried about your child psychical abilities? well,each day your child will get the opportunity to have nature full experiences with wildlife that will make them dig for the person inside them ,who they were born to be.Once they have completed this simple task ,they are free to a day of their own. Some will use this time to look  at our outstanding state of the art room: others will just play with there friends. What are you waiting for? book now? at (not real website)  Vaencies dont last long at camp green lake ,life changing decisions innocent outcome.


class 15 year 6



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  1. You’ve done a good job oF making CamP Green lake sound attractive to paRents who are at their Wit’s End.
    Your writing is well laid out toO, with the sub-heaDings making it clear to read,

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