Draft Big Write – Provision at Camp Green Lake

Friday 17th January 2020

LC:To use comma’s consistently for additional clauses.

Now you may be asking what is  different to any other Juvenile Correctional Facility. You see here at Camp Green Lake things are done a little differently. We believe that to help your wonderful children succeed in life they need to dig deep. So here at the camp we give all campers  great exercise by  digging these holes keeping them active. On the way to our fabulous camp campers can socialise on the bus so they make friends for life. Even if that is not there thing, they can read a book which on arrival at Camp Green Lake will be kept in a nice secure place. Or even a third option (showing how many things there are to do here) looking on at the breathtaking scenery. The drive is very short and is under 10 hours. All children have a great amount of free time to do whatever they want and as there is no fences they can explore the mountains and desert of the big bend. During this time your children can sit down in comfort on there silky beds or outside and gaze at the picturesque view or just sit down and relax. The camp comes with a wreck room where the children can  just sit and have a chat. Air conditioning is on site allowing a cooler experience for everybody. All showers are cold and outdoors the reason being the temperature’s reach a max of 40 degrees which is scorching! The cold showers will cool your brilliant  children  down after a long day. Most children have different things to do during free time. Some children like having a shower; while some prefer to sit down and relax. What are you waiting for? Get your children signed up today!

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  1. I like the AmusinG way you’ve written this. AlThough you have made the best of it, i don’t tHink you are Really recommeNding it 😀

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