This Is Me


I have always enjoyed drawing, from the age of five I have been doing a lot of drawings and paintings. I developed my talent from my cousin, she is older then me. As I got better and learnt more techniques, I watch videos on the internet to help me, I watch TV about drawing to help me and I watch others draw. I found a web page called Art hub for kids and I love the page. The best thing about this talent is that I can create so many things like dragons, cards, cats and characters.

Loves and Passions

I love cats because they are all different. Cats can see in the dark so I can call my cat at night and he will come to me to be cuddled. Cats are often lazy, like my cat Dave who sleeps all day and goes out at night to sleep in his kennel. Cats sometimes fight other cats if they annoy them but my cat is very patient so he doesn’t fight a lot. My cat is five years old. When he was a kitten he would play fetch but he doesn’t do it anymore. We also have a cat called Nala but we call her the Madcatter because she shouts a lot and if you let her out 30 seconds later her tiny face is at the door. I love to draw pictures of different animals and mythical creatures, for example dragons. Drawing makes me feel happy because it’s an enjoyable activity, I feel proud when I finish a picture and it cheers me up when I’m sad. The more I draw, the better I get which makes me feel happy. I’m passionate about art because I want to be an artist when I grow up. I love my family; Mummy, Daddy, my brother, Grandma, Granddad, mum’s mum, (mum’s dad) and all my aunties, uncles and cousins. I enjoy going to places because I get to make special memories, such as when I went to the beach with Mummy, my brother and mum’s mum. Whilst there, we saw a seal up close which was exciting! When I am with my family, I feel happy and safe.

My dreams for the future

When I get older I want to learn how to drive because I could go to places I couldn’t walk to. When I get older I want to go to university because I think I’m confident that I will do well and have fun. I want to make an environmentally friendly car that uses clean fuel instead of fossil fuels.  I think that water may make a better fuel because it is clean so it would be better for the environment. When I get older I want to learn how to cook and have 3 cats, I would like to learn how to cook spaghetti bolognese, homemade pizza, homemade fish fingers, roast dinner, meat balls and, most importantly, chocolate cheesecake!

Section1: My talents

Over the past few years, I have developed quite a few interesting and special talents. Sometimes I find it tricky to talk about them because I can feel a bit shy or feel like I am showing off. One talent I have is that I am quite a creative individual. I love to sketch pictures from my observations and things from my imagination. I have always enjoyed drawing and my Auntie told me that even when I was very little it was something she thought I would want to do! It was not until I was a bit older however that I started to take it more seriously and try to improve and develop my skills by attempting to sketch more complicated and detailed objects. Recently, I have tried to use a variety of art media such as art pencils and charcoal, which I first tried and learnt about in school. I noticed that when you draw pictures you can make them appear more realistic with shading and shadowing techniques. I believe I have always been good at drawing, but it is also something that I have practiced a lot! My drawing has always been something that I have done just for me, so I have not really spoken about it with friends or shown anyone my work before. The reason I like drawing is that it helps me to relax, unwind  and  express myself. In year 5, I hope I get to learn to use different art media and get even better at sketching!

Another talent I have is that lots of people say I am good at remembering lyrics! My friends have  always told me that I learn lyrics to songs quickly and I am good at remembering the melody to songs too. I think that because lots of people enjoy music and singing that this has helped me make friends at primary school (as well as boosting my confidence). My mum is an amazing singer, and my dad plays lots of musical instruments so I think this is where I have got my singing talents from. My most favourite talent is being a teacher and looking after rabbits because they are my favourite animals, they are so cute I want to have them as my pet forever! I have so many talents that I really don’t want anyone to know.

Captain Thomas Moore

Captain Thomas Moore was born on the 30th of April 1920 known as Captain Tom. He was born in Yorkshire and a former british officer. He raised over 30 millon pounds for the NHS during the covid-19 outbreak. He celebrated his 100th birthday in the pandemic and walked around his garden 100 times to raise more money for the NHS. He got over 1000 cards and lots more for his birthday.Captain Thomas Moore was in the world war 2. Heis called Captain Thomas Moore because he was a soldier.

All about me

Spending time with my family is very important to me. My Grandma and Grandad are a huge part of my life, and ever since I was young, I have seen them at least once a week. They take me to really exciting places for example: museums. I especially love visiting all the different museums in Cambridge. I have a total of 7 cousins, they all live in Belfast with my Granny, we visit them most of the school holidays, when we are together we have so much fun, we all love Lego, and often have Lego challenges, As I don’t have any siblings, I see my cousins as the closest thing to it. I love animals, especially cats, and I have my own cat, who is called Kylo, he is nearly 4 years. I really enjoy playing with him, he loves giving cuddles.

Pizza is my favourite food to eat. Every week I have it as a special treat. I help to customise the toppings, when my dad orders it. I always have meat feast, with double sausage and beef. My mum makes us all Oreo milkshakes too. I feel my main talents are in sports, I just love running, when I run I feel free. I like to push myself, to see how fast I can go. I have my own stop clock, and when I am out running, I often get my mum or dad to time me and see if I can beat my previous time.

I also love to play basketball, this is something I have enjoyed since I was quite small. I have my own basketball net in my garden, and I like to challenge myself to see how many times I can get the ball in the hoop. When I leave primary school I hope to continue with my friendships that I have made here. I want to continue working hard, and do the best I possibly can. When I grow up, I would love to have a career in sports, particularly running. I love to be active and healthy and to really push myself to be the best!

This is me!

My Talents
I have a number of talents which require different skills. Ever since I was five years old I’ve been learning a martial art called Taekwondo, at first I found it quite difficult but through hard work, training and perseverance I’ve got better. When a pupil first starts Taekwondo they are given a white belt, this signifies that they are a beginner on there journey to gaining a black belt. My journey to achieving a black belt has been successful so far as I have a green belt blue tag (that’s over half way there). Another talent that I really enjoy is swimming. Since I was a baby my Mum and Dad would always take me to the pool. When I go swimming and i’m in the water I imagine swimming in the gigantic ocean. The best thing about swimming is when we get to practice diving because I really love touching the bottom of the pool.

My Loves and Passions
I have many loves and passions, I particularly love to run. Before the Coronavirus happened I would often run on Saturdays in the local ParkRun at Hinchingbrooke Park or the junior Park Run on Sundays. Both are really enjoyable and overall I have completed a marathon (that’s 26 miles!). Even though I can’t run in Park Run at the moment I still go running with my Dad but he’s not as fast as me. Another thing that I really love is pizza, when I’m eating pizza the cheese melts in my mouth and tastes like heaven. I’m really excited about going out for pizza when the lockdown ends. My third passion is competing at Taekwondo competitions. The last competition I went to was in Hatfield, I was quite nervous because there where over 400 children competing. Even though I didn’t win a medal I felt happy because some of my friends did.

My Aspirations
There are many hopes and goals that I have for the future, one of my hopes is that I’m still friends with all of my friends even when we start our new life at secondary school. My goal is to do well in school and achieve the best exam results I can. If my exams are a success this will help me to achieve my next goal to become a policeman. I really like the idea of being in the Police Force because it means I can help people and arrest criminals. Another goal of mine is to become a games developer and make an adventure game, I know this would be a big challenge but it would be worth it to create a game that everybody loved playing.

my loves and passions and my talents

My Loves and Passions

I love spending time with family.I have family that live in Horsham and Hertfordshire, we visit them as much as we can which is fun! Another passion is looking after animals. I have got two cats,two rabbits and one dog. I help to clean the rabbits hutches out and give them food and water. I also like acting and making videos. I like to dress up and make plays.

My Talents

My talents are gymnastics and dance. I started enjoying gymnastics when I was little. I began by watching tutorials on youtube, this is when I realised I could do gymnastics! At 7 years old I went to Huntingdon Olympics Gym. Now I am 9 years old and my favourite routine is a back hand spring and back walk over. My goal is to travel the world and participate in competitions. I love them both because they are fun, I also love gymnastics because you can improve your talent.

My Aspirations

When I leave primary school to go to my new secondary school, I hope that I like it as much as primary school. When I am older I would like to go college to train to be a vet as I love animals. I would learn to drive and buy a house when I start a job as a vet. When I have my own house I would like to rescue unwanted animals. I like to be a vet because animals are one of my favourite things!

This Is Me

Ever since I was a baby I was very good with balls. I used to play with it in different ways such as catching, throwing and kicking. I had various types of balls like hard, soft, big and small balls. This is how I developed in Cricket and Football. I really enjoy both sports. I go to Huntingdon Cricket Club to learn new skills and tricks in Cricket. I have also been playing football matches in my schools football club. I play both sports in my garden with my dad as he is a good sports person. I also learn more about the sports by watching lots of football and cricket matches on the TV or YouTube. I have started to like the sports more and more as I have grown up. Over these years, I have also developed interests in Art, innovation in Lego, puzzles and cooking. Whenever I am sitting idol, I like to do some drawing and make different things out of Lego. My parents say that I am very creative. I show all these talents by competing against others and trying to win all the time.

One of the main things I enjoy doing is cricket because it is fun and it also helps me keep fit. I also like playing football because it is very enjoyable. Sometimes when I play these sports, it cheers me up a bit and it helps me in difficult times. If I didn’t have these things then I wouldn’t be that active or wouldn’t respond in the hard times I have. My favourite cricketer is Ben Stokes (English batsmen) and my favourite footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo (best footballer in the world). My favourite food is Maggi (a type of noodles) because it is very tasty. Another food I like is mince because it is very delicious and flavourful. I also like drawing because it is very brainy and creative and it develops my mind and skills. My passions for football, cricket and other interests will keep going in the future.

When I move from primary school to secondary school I would like to walk to school alone. At the moment I always go to school with my Mum. In the next 5, 10, or 15 years I would like to become a cricketer. If I miss the chance of being a cricketer, I would like to be a footballer. If I want to be a good sports person I will have to practise a lot. Alongside this I would also like to be an Artist. When I grow up I also would like to have my own home and Jaguar car. My home would be so big that it would have a Swimming pool, a football pitch and a cricket pitch. My goal is to be the richest sportsperson in the world. I am looking forward to growing older and fulfilling my aspirations and being successful in life.

Mountains and hungtingdon

Today we are going to be talking about the differences between mountains and Huntingdon .


In the mountains there is snowboarding and in Huntingdon we do skateboarding, tennis, motor biking, frisbee and more even basketball. In Huntingdon we also have some of the same activities as someone would have in a mountain, for example, running. In a mountain you can also do rock climbing.

Also in the mountains there are still schools like in Huntingdon. Also mountains are always snows unlike Huntingdon which is mostly sunny and rainy. However, you can find animals like snow dogs and other animals like lynxes. There is also houses in the mountains and they are called chalets. Also in both places there is running, swimming, you could also find parks shops and more in a mountain.

This is me.

Ever since I was 6 years old I enjoyed sports. I was particularly talented in football and basketball. I’m also good at Fortnite as I’ve been playing since I was 7 years old and now I’m 9 years old. Whilst playing for a football club I realised that I can be better if I practice. I also like to ride my hoverboard and my BMX and I’m good at darts. Through hard work and perseverance I got better at all these activities.

The best thing is my family their very caring loving and supportive. They support me in what ever I need and they advise me in my choices. Over the past few years I’ve became really good at sports and over the different years I’ve gone through I feel like I have got better at English and Maths. From school I’ve made lots of friends. Also when I needed help the teacher would help. In my spare time I like to play my playstation. I love my playstation because it keeps me entertained and I can still talk to my friends. I love my dog because he is so cute and and he is always happy to see me. I love my family because their always there for me and they care for me.

My dream is to be a YouTuber I want to stream to show my skills and help other people get good at games I’m already good at. I would like to join FaZe clan through Fortnite because FaZe clan has a lot of pros at Fortnite and many other games. If YouTube does not work out for me I would like to be a police officer. As a police officer you enforce the laws, Drive police cars fast and taser bad guys.

Mountains and Huntingdon

Today we are going to be talking about mountains and Huntingdon. If you-read and the this you will now the activities the climate and the plants.

The climate can be snowy in the mountains and storms in both however, avalanches are in the mountains. Its chilly in the mountains although it is cold in Huntingdon with no snow. Interestingly, it’s sunny in both but it’s snowy on the mountain.

In Huntingdon you have motorbikes on the other hand on the mountains there is mountain bikes .You can climb in Huntingdon whereas on the mountain you can climb with mountain gear.

We have cats in Huntingdon however on the mountains you have European lynx. In Huntingdon there are deers and foxes although on the mountains there are snow foxes and a snow deer. In Huntingdon there are birds whereas in the mountains they have no birds because they fly in the air because they have no home to live in.

There are roses in Huntingdon however plants can’t grow in the mountains. In Huntingdon grass is every where although on the mountains there’s no grass on the mountains because snow is over the top of it.