My favourite games

My favourite game on my tablet is DLS 19 (Dream League Soccer 2019) because it is very fun. I am very good at that game and I am kind of ranked as the best player in the world in DLS 19. You can get the 2019 – 2020 football kits by typing in the URL to download the kits. You can also get the strongest and best team in the world by watching videos on YouTube to get the strongest team in the world. You can also get unlimited money and unlock every player with unlimited development. Unlimited development means that they have 100 attack, 100 defence, 100 speed and 100 pass ETC. The app you need to do this is Zarchiver. 

My favourite game in my PS4 (Play Station 4) is FIFA 19 because it is also very fun. You can do some magnificent tricks and magnificent goals. My favourite thing about FIFA 19 is that you can score a goal from outside the big  box near the goal. One time I was playing a match in FIFA 19 I was Liverpool FC and my player scored a goal from the middle of the pitch. I could do that because the lazy GK (Goal Keeper) was out of his goal and wasn’t doing Goal Keeping , in fact he was doing defending. Another thing I like about FIFA 19 is that you can pick what team you are and you can also pick which team you a playing against.

My favourite game on my mum’s phone is Scrabble Go because it is a very brainy game. Whenever I get time, I go on my mum’s phone and play Scrabble Go. My mum used to play but now she doesn’t have time to play so I play. Every letter has certain points for example Z is a rare letter and it there is not much words with Z. Therefore Z counts as a 10 point letter. In the same way Q is a rare letter and there is not many words with Q so it also counts as a 10 point letter. Another thing I like about playing Scrabble Go is that it helps me to learn new words.

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