Section1: My talents

Over the past few years, I have developed quite a few interesting and special talents. Sometimes I find it tricky to talk about them because I can feel a bit shy or feel like I am showing off. One talent I have is that I am quite a creative individual. I love to sketch pictures from my observations and things from my imagination. I have always enjoyed drawing and my Auntie told me that even when I was very little it was something she thought I would want to do! It was not until I was a bit older however that I started to take it more seriously and try to improve and develop my skills by attempting to sketch more complicated and detailed objects. Recently, I have tried to use a variety of art media such as art pencils and charcoal, which I first tried and learnt about in school. I noticed that when you draw pictures you can make them appear more realistic with shading and shadowing techniques. I believe I have always been good at drawing, but it is also something that I have practiced a lot! My drawing has always been something that I have done just for me, so I have not really spoken about it with friends or shown anyone my work before. The reason I like drawing is that it helps me to relax, unwind  and  express myself. In year 5, I hope I get to learn to use different art media and get even better at sketching!

Another talent I have is that lots of people say I am good at remembering lyrics! My friends have  always told me that I learn lyrics to songs quickly and I am good at remembering the melody to songs too. I think that because lots of people enjoy music and singing that this has helped me make friends at primary school (as well as boosting my confidence). My mum is an amazing singer, and my dad plays lots of musical instruments so I think this is where I have got my singing talents from. My most favourite talent is being a teacher and looking after rabbits because they are my favourite animals, they are so cute I want to have them as my pet forever! I have so many talents that I really don’t want anyone to know.

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