Burwell house

we went in groups and we played in the garden. We had different Burwell challenges. My favourite one was where we pretended to walk over water. We came back in and had our lunch which was very nice.

Captain Thomas Moore

Captain Thomas Moore was born on the 30th of April 1920 known as Captain Tom. He was born in Yorkshire and a former british officer. He raised over 30 millon pounds for the NHS during the covid-19 outbreak. He celebrated his 100th birthday in the pandemic and walked around his garden 100 times to raise more money for the NHS. He got over 1000 cards and lots more for his birthday.Captain Thomas Moore was in the world war 2. Heis called Captain Thomas Moore because he was a soldier.

my loves and passions and my talents

My Loves and Passions

I love spending time with family.I have family that live in Horsham and Hertfordshire, we visit them as much as we can which is fun! Another passion is looking after animals. I have got two cats,two rabbits and one dog. I help to clean the rabbits hutches out and give them food and water. I also like acting and making videos. I like to dress up and make plays.

My Talents

My talents are gymnastics and dance. I started enjoying gymnastics when I was little. I began by watching tutorials on youtube, this is when I realised I could do gymnastics! At 7 years old I went to Huntingdon Olympics Gym. Now I am 9 years old and my favourite routine is a back hand spring and back walk over. My goal is to travel the world and participate in competitions. I love them both because they are fun, I also love gymnastics because you can improve your talent.

My Aspirations

When I leave primary school to go to my new secondary school, I hope that I like it as much as primary school. When I am older I would like to go college to train to be a vet as I love animals. I would learn to drive and buy a house when I start a job as a vet. When I have my own house I would like to rescue unwanted animals. I like to be a vet because animals are one of my favourite things!

Mountains and Huntingdon

Mountains and Huntingdon
There are so many similarities and differences between the mountains and Huntingdon .


In the mountains there are a variety of activities such as skiing and snowboarding whereas in Huntingdon you can play football in the park or play tennis. Interestingly, in both places  you  can swim and run.                                                            

The weather in the mountains are usually very chilly however, in Huntingdon it is not as cold as the mountains. Similarly, in the summer it gets very hot in  mountains and Huntingdon.

Interesting  facts

Animals in the mountains are dogs, cats, snow fox’s however, in Huntingdon we have dogs, cats and bunny rabbits. The plants in Huntingdon are roses dandelions.