Alexander graham bell

Alexander Graham Bell was born in 1847 in Edinburgh he was famous for making the telephone. Alexander Graham Bells mother was nearly deaf so she tried to listen. Alexander graham bell was very interested in how sound works.

Alexander Graham Bell saw vibrations making the sound. His father set him a challenge to make a machine to replicate human voice. He tried to figure out how to make it. He  made something and it kind of worked. He had to improve the machine. They could only send one message at a time. He had an idea to send one voice.Alexander Graham Bell accidentally spilt some acid on his trousers and the machine worked.

dance class

Today at school we did dance class. Every Thursday  we would do dance class. Today are dance topic was how a mountain is formed and me and my friends were in a group. Two of us were plates far away and we slowly approached each other on the floor and then we went back to back and then that’s where Our other friend comes in and he very slowly grows up until his full for a mountain he was doing some cool dances then me and my friend climb the mountain. Then we all held our hands in the air and finished when we were putting our shoes and socks back on we got in the line very quick to here the three winners it was a group of girls for the first group by the way its not 1st 2nd and 3rd the second group was two boys and the the third group was US.. we were so happy because it was are first time winning.

Alexander Graham Bell


Alexander Graham Bell was famous for making the telephone. He was born in the year 1847 in Edinburgh.


His mother was nearly deaf sometimes she tried to listen to Alexander playing the piano although she was nearly deaf.

Before the telephone?

His dad challenged him and his brother to invent something that would be able to make a sound that would make a word. So he and his brother started to make the first telegraph and at the end they made it the telegraph.


Alexander wanted to upgrade the telegraph so he called a man called Watson because he was good at electronics. They tried to make something that would be able to speak from any distance.


They made it but it was not working but then he poured a bit of acid and that was a mistake and it worked and he thanked him.

Non-Chronological River

How a river is  Formed.

A river starts from a source, a source is on a mountain so when the snow melts it goes down hill because of gravity.

Oceans and sea

The sea water is not good to drink because it is very salty and not good for you. The ocean covers 70% of the world .There is an oceans called the Indian Ocean.

Water facts

When the river meets the sea it is called the mouth.The river water can be drank but you need to filter it first. If you see a river it and it is curvy it is called  meander.

Big write

How a river is formed

The water in a river flows from it’s source. This could be melting ice, rain and a mountain. Rives have main channels, in between them there are the banks and if too much rain or water gets into them, they might burst and start to flood. At the bottom of the main channel there is the bed, made out of dirt. The water can meander. This means that the river bends. Also, the river ends at the sea. This is called the mouth.

Oceans and seas

Did you know, that the ocean covers 70% of the worlds surface? On the other hand, the Pacific ocean covers 30% of the world. Surprisingly, the world has lots of different oceans but one of them is the Indian ocean. Also, seawater is salty. Therefore, drinking it can get you really ill! An interesting fact, is that the ocean is bigger than the sea because the ocean is deeper.

Water facts

A river starts at a mountain and ends at the mouth. Amazingly, river water is fresh even though, before drinking it you need to filter the water because it still has germs in it! Did you know, that when a meteor his the ground and it starts raining, it can form a lake? The lake will need continuous source of water or it might evaporate.

River non-chronological report


The mountain can create a river and if that happens it’s called the source. The river comes down from the mountain.Then as the river goes a little bit deeper, it can meander through the bed and banks.

OCEANS AND SEAS. Surprisingly,around the world there is 70% water surface around the whole wide world. In the seas, the water can be deadly because it is very,very salty and not safe to drink. The sea is one half of the oceans and it’s the most deadliest part.

WATER FACTS. When a mountain forms the river it’s called the source.When a river comes down a mountain it meanders around into a tributary and it joins the main channel which is called a confluence. If it meets an asteroid it could make a bed for the lake or river.People may say that a river is edible,it can still make you ill.

Thoughts on last term

My favourite topic last term was the Vikings because we got to learn about how they travelled. In this topic I learnt two facts and one of them are the Vikings travelled in Longships so they lived near the sea. Another fact is that they came from Scandinavia. I am mostly proud of my handwriting because it is very neat.

My AM target was my mistakes because when I cross it out it looks very messy. I haven’t managed to achieve it because I keep scribbling it out. My behaviour is good because I don’t talk when the teacher is talking.

The target I would set would be my handwriting or not to talk when the teacher is talking.


My previous term

Last term my favourite topic was the Vikings because we made a Viking Longship. In this topic I remembered two facts, one of these facts are that the Vikings sailed the seas in various longships. My other fact is that the Viking longships had dragon heads on the front of the longship to scare enemies. Last term I was proud of my Longship I made because I was taking my time and I got help. I settled into year 4 because I got on with my peers and my teacher helped me a lot.

My assertive mentoring target was to be ready to learn on the carpet. I think I achieved my goal but sometimes am still not ready because I forget to bring my stuff and I talk a lot. Interestingly, I can evaluate my behaviour and readiness for learning by not talking to my friends and bringing my toolkit. My relationship with my teachers are going great but with my peers they talk to me so it’s not going to well at the moment. My target for Spring will be to talk less to my friends.

Big write


My favourite topic two terms ago was ‘What a Performance’ because you got to look at the National Theatre and what it’s like there.  Interestingly, every year over eight hundred thousand people visit the National Theatre . Before the actors go on stage they rehearse in a rehearsing room. In year four my favourite piece of work is when we had to draw something in the National Theatre and write about it. I think I settled nicely to year four because I got to know my teacher better and all my new class mates.

In year four my target was to improve my behaviour outside of lessons because I wasn’t doing well with one of my classmates. I think I have achieved my target by staying away from her and staying with the people I get on well with. Surprisingly I think my behaviour is on the standard place now because I’m not doing as much wrong things as I used to. Actually come to think of it I think my learning is really good because I listen in lessons. My relationship with my teacher and my peers has developed a lot since last term.

The target that I’m setting for myself is to do more homework in spring because I don’t do that much anymore.


I practice mathletics because it helps me to sharpen my brain and it helps me get more and more intelligent. I like to go on live mathletics because you could play against other people and you can play against People who are in your class. When you play live mathletics your typing skills gets faster and your reaction gets bigger. Mathletics makes me understand my addition , subtraction , division , multiplication in various ways.