Captain Tom Moore, an inspiration!

The Coronavirus has affected everyones lives in the UK, sadly a lot of people have lost their lives. But many lives have been saved by the heroic effort of the doctors and nurses in the NHS. Another person that has shown a heroic effort is Captain Tom Moore, the courageous 99 year old WWII veteran wanted to raise £1000 for the NHS before his 100th birthday. He challenged himself to walk 100 laps of his home in Bedfordshire. Little did he realise that his efforts would go on to raise a staggering £33 million. His amazing challenge has raised awareness and inspired people all over the world to take up a challenge for themselves. I have thought about challenging myself after the lockdown ends and i’m going to climb Mount Snowden in Wales.

Captain Tom Moore

Did you know that Captain Tom was born in 1920 and he served in India. Captain Tom originally aimed to raise 1000 pounds but he instead got 28 million pounds which is a lot. He was from a country called Keighley in the west of Yorkshire.When it was his 100 birthday he tried to do 100 laps around his garden for a charity called the Nhs which stands for the National health service which is some kind of hospital.He has risen from nowhere to become a hero for many countries. As it was his 100 birthday he had some tasty cake and the Queen gave him a present which was special and ordinary. Tom is British and he is a British army officer which is crazy. He joined the British army in 1939 and left in 1946 which is 7 years.

Captain Tom Moore

Thomas Moore is popularly known as Captain Tom. He was born on the 30th April 1920. He is a former British army officer. He served army from 1939 to 1946. He served in India and Myanmar during world war two. He was educated from Oakbank School, Keighley.

He set himself the challenge of walking 100 laps of his 25 metres garden to help raise money for the NHS. He aimed to at least raise thousand pounds but in fact he raised more than 28 million pounds.

If I had to set a challenge to raise money for donations I would like to run 2 to 5 miles and raise as much money as possible.

Things about Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore is a  person who walks, 100 laps on his 100th birthday celebration,and the world thinks that he’s a hero because the more you walk the more you exercise, Captain Tom Moore is a person who stands up to the world and was a good  person who  maybe saved someone in world war two, he is an outstanding person who walks,100 laps on his 100th birthday 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 Captain Tom originally aimed for many people to get even better than before.Captain  Tom Moore has raised awareness   money for many people he raised about £1000 million.

my talents,goals and the thing I like.

I have a lot of talents but I have one in particular. I learnt that I could do it a few days ago and I was moving my ears and I’ve always wanted to make my ears move. Besides that I have some other cool talents for example: gaming, making new friends, singing, biking or baking with my mum.

What I like:
I like many different things like gaming or singing, I like gaming because it is fun and creative. I  like singing because it feels like you are going into your own world of music. I like to play roblox on my laptop. I also like watching YouTube and TV because it is entertaining when I’m bored. I like to bike because you get to go fast but i like to bake with my mum because it is messy but fun.

In my life i want to do many things like for example: I want to go to Santa maria with my friends but the job that i want to do is become a YouTuber or I could be a singer, gamer or even be a person who takes care of kittens and I also want to get stronger and smarter.

This is me…!

I have a bunch of talents. Precisely, one of them is acting. I do this because it is a way to let my dramatic (and quite funny!) feelings out. Singing, this may not be my very best talent, but I sound pretty well with a variety of songs. Writing is a very interesting talent. To become a wealthy author, you need to read PLENTY of books (I’m working on my own book! Keep that secret from the others, will you?) Playing the piano! Of course, I love music! One day, I thought to myself: “Hmmm… I really like music, so why not make my own?!” I started my piano lessons by watching tutorials. Rollerskating. Ah… It’s my most recent talent. Keeping the balance is the most main thing about rollerskating.

I have wonderful interests. Some are very natural, some have taken LOTS of practice! In this (Masterpiece!!) piece of writing, I will be talking about three, very fascinating abilities. First up, we have drawing/sketching! It’s a thing that can make time pass by. On an occasion, where I am bored, I take a piece of paper take a picture book and start drawing a complicated or easy (depends on how I feel) picture. If I wouldn’t have had this passion, I would have fallen asleep (Hehe..) of boredom!! Secondly, listening to music~! It makes me glow with happiness!  I can always rely on music to make me calm and let me relax…Laughing..Hahaha!! Laughing makes me feel…Ticklish…? Oh my! I just noticed! When I laugh I knock over cups of water! Hehe…Did that make you laugh? I hope so!! 😀

My goals, hopes, and dreams

I wish that when I grow-up I could be a number one Children’s best bookseller… Oh, Hello! I didn’t see you there. I was just daydreaming about what I will be when I grow up! These are my hopes and dreams for the future: Hmm… I would LOVE to get my own little home! When I become eighteen I will get a home, a cozy, warm cottage, with a wonderful backyard.. NUH-UH, these are just my dreams… D: OoOoO! My LOOKS! I will wear a BUNCH of makeup and that stuff…SUPER FANCY CLOTHING..! Never in a million years!! I will live my whole life in a dressing gown!!! 😀 Time for the most important thing in life..! JOBS! Actually, you know what?! Imma get my husband to work for ME!! 😀 Just kidding! Imma be lazy and sit home and let my imagination go wild as I write my own book! When I grow up I shall get a driving license! (My mum doesn’t have one! I wanna do a little showing off! Hehe!) I wanna be A INDEPENDENT WOMAN! I will give you a super simple quote! “Be independent!” 😀

This Is Me.

I am passionate about food, music, and my family. My favourite food is pepperoni pizza and cheese burgers. Whenever my family orders takeaway I get so excited! I also get excited when my Grandpa sends me American treats in the mail. He sends me my favourites for example: poptarts, goldfish crackers, and candy bars. Another thing I’m passionate about is music. I listen to music by NCS. NCS is a collection of different music for example: techno, dubstep, and house music. Music makes me calm and happy. If I couldn’t listen to music I’d be devastated. Lastly, I am very passionate about family. My parents help me when I struggle with school work. My mum lets me help her bake and we make cookies. My dad and I play video games together and like to wrestle. I make my sister laugh and she makes me laugh too. Some of my family live in America and we skype every week.

I have many talents. Ever since I was little I’ve loved to dance. I’d dance at weddings and family parties. As I’ve gotten older I’m shy about dancing, but hopefully one day I won’t be as shy and I’ll dance more for people. I’m also talented at making games on Roblox. I’m very interested in computer graphics and how games work. I make and edit my own videos on my phone and play them for my mum and dad, sometimes the videos make them laugh. I realised I’m very good at beatboxing. My dad can beatbox so I probably got it from him. I spend time in my room beatboxing and trying out different sounds. I get ideas for beatboxing from the music I listen to. I’ve currently started been interested in football. I use my football and goal in my back garden to practice. If I practice hard enough maybe when I’m older I can become a footballer like Lionel Messi.

In the next few years I will practice my football techniques so I can get better and better as I would like to play in a football club. I will start small and one day I hope to be in the a big league club. This will also help me keep fit and healthy. Maybe one day I will be good enough to play in the World Cup, or be on a football card like the ones I collect.

My talents

My talent is drawing. I do alot of it with my nan and at home. I draw alot so I can be a artist and a doctor when I’m older. I love Harry Potter so I like to draw them. I like to have a art walk in my room and I like to draw everything I see. Additionally, my other talent is the moonwalk I tried for two days to do it. You have to not think about showing only think about relaxing to do it. I found how to do it on a video on an app called Tik Tok. It’s a good app to learn dances. They are my talents.

Goals of Michal. J

I would like to introduce my life plans, loves and aspirations. I would like to open a pet shop called Cool pets. I love animals and I have a hamster. I would like  to sell: dogs, cats, fish, hamsters and bunnies. I hope my dreams will come true.

Talent, Aspiration and Love


The talent that suits me best is playing the violin, arguably the only talent I possess. At the small age of four was when I began and although it was difficult in the beginning, I managed to adapt and overcome the challenges associated with musical instruments, in order to get where I am today.


I love eating ice cream, especially in the summer where it helps me to cool down from the high temperatures we sometimes experience here in Cambridgeshire. But nothing can come close to the love of my family, even they are sometimes tough on me, I understand that it will make me a better person and I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.


In the future I aspire to get a degree because I want to make my family proud and live a nice lifestyle. Being a chef is a potential career for me, enabling me to cook for my family when needed (and myself of course!), while also providing a stable income as the catering industry will always be in demand, I will not have any trouble in finding a job.