My favourite games

My favourite game on my tablet is DLS 19 (Dream League Soccer 2019) because it is very fun. I am very good at that game and I am kind of ranked as the best player in the world in DLS 19. You can get the 2019 – 2020 football kits by typing in the URL to download the kits. You can also get the strongest and best team in the world by watching videos on YouTube to get the strongest team in the world. You can also get unlimited money and unlock every player with unlimited development. Unlimited development means that they have 100 attack, 100 defence, 100 speed and 100 pass ETC. The app you need to do this is Zarchiver. 

My favourite game in my PS4 (Play Station 4) is FIFA 19 because it is also very fun. You can do some magnificent tricks and magnificent goals. My favourite thing about FIFA 19 is that you can score a goal from outside the big  box near the goal. One time I was playing a match in FIFA 19 I was Liverpool FC and my player scored a goal from the middle of the pitch. I could do that because the lazy GK (Goal Keeper) was out of his goal and wasn’t doing Goal Keeping , in fact he was doing defending. Another thing I like about FIFA 19 is that you can pick what team you are and you can also pick which team you a playing against.

My favourite game on my mum’s phone is Scrabble Go because it is a very brainy game. Whenever I get time, I go on my mum’s phone and play Scrabble Go. My mum used to play but now she doesn’t have time to play so I play. Every letter has certain points for example Z is a rare letter and it there is not much words with Z. Therefore Z counts as a 10 point letter. In the same way Q is a rare letter and there is not many words with Q so it also counts as a 10 point letter. Another thing I like about playing Scrabble Go is that it helps me to learn new words.

Captain Tom Moore…

Captain Tom Moore is a wonderful person, who has made one hundred laps on his one-hundredth birthday. He was born in Keighley, in the West Riding in Yorkshire on 30th April 1920, and grew up there. He was educated in Keighley Grammar School and completed an apprenticeship in civil engineering. On 6 April 2020, during the Lockdown and with his hundredth birthday approaching, Moore began a fundraising campaign for people with Coronavirus, a group of charities supporting staff, volunteers, and patients in NHS. He aimed to complete one hundred 25-meter (27-yard) laps of his garden, ten laps per day, with the help of a walking frame. Surprisingly, Tom Moore has raised 20 million by doing laps in his garden. After captain Tom Moore’s wonderful achievement, I would like to (After lockdown!) start litter picking to save our planet. We have endangered many animals, and in the future, if this carries on we might end up with ABSOLUTELY no wild animals in our beautiful world…


My Dreams
When I was young I always wanted to have dreams because they felt like a miracle to me. I want to pass school with good grades and have a great job like being a YouTuber. When I was a kid I always wanted to be popular, I don’t plan on being popular in singing but popular on YouTube or something nice. Also I love gaming and playing so I always want to buy online stuff on video games. I love games such as; Roblox or even Minecraft but my parents think its a waste of money. Every time something new comes up in the shop that looks cool I ask my parents if I can buy it but they say no so then my dream appears in my head.

My Loves
Ever since I was born my mum and dad were there for me so I love them as much as they love me. My mum was always there when I was sad and my dad was there when I wanted to buy something. But also my grandparents were there, they played with me in the garden and I laughed with them and more. My cousin was there for me when I wanted to play but we also fight some times when we got mad. I always will be with them.

My Talents
When I was 3 years old I loved drawing so when I got better and better it became my talent. I even started painting and I am learning how to paint pictures now. One of my favourite things to do is play on laptop and Xbox and tablet and also a phone I might get some new things soon. Also I ride to school so I am good at riding bikes and scooters and I would love to ride more things.

Burwell house

we went in groups and we played in the garden. We had different Burwell challenges. My favourite one was where we pretended to walk over water. We came back in and had our lunch which was very nice.

Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore is a former British soldier who was in the British Army. He served from 1939-1946. Tom lives in Bedfordshire. He completed 100 laps in his garden to raise money for the NHS. People sponsored him from all around the world. In the beginning he hoped to raise £1,000 but ended up raising more than £30 million. This happened on his 100th birthday on April 30th 2020. Captain Tom is an inspiration.

Captain Tom Moore

Ahead of his 100th birthday celebration, war veteran Captain Tom Moore  set himself the challenge of walking 100 laps of his garden to help raise money for the NHS. His challenge has raised awareness all over the world and has led to many others setting their own similar challenges! Captain Tom has also lifted the spirits of many during  difficult circumstances. Captain Tom originally aimed to raise £1000 but quickly passed his his target to reach over £28 million for the NHS! Captain Tom, who is originally from Keighley in West Yorkshire, has risen from nowhere to become a hero for many, all around the world. Captain Tom Moore completed his 100-lap challenge at his home in Bedfordshire.

My favorite Games

I like playing lots Of games especially football and sometimes video games like roblox or fortnite anything like that but the reasons why I like playing them is because I can talk to my friends even in quarantine. Its really fun doing these things because I can keep with them so i like doing that.

Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore is a war veteran (world  war 2). He is originally from Keighly West Yorkshire. He decided to give himself the challenge of walking 100 laps around his garden, to raise money for the NHS. His target was £1,000 but he actually raised £32,794,701!! I think he raised an incredible amount of money and is clearly an honorable person. He was born on the 30th April, 1920. He was in active service from 1939 to 1946. He has two children.

Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore was born in Keighley, West Riding of Yorkshire on the 30th of April 1920. Tom served in India and Myanmar during the second world war as a captain. Before Tom’s 100th birthday he set him self challenge to walk around his garden in Bedfordshire. He wanted to raise £1,000.00 for the NHS but in stead he raised over 30 million. On Tom’s 100th birthday he had the Royal Air Force fly over his house to celebrate and he was promoted by the queen to a Colonel. He also was number 1 in the UK music charts after releasing You’ll never walk alone with Michael Ball.
After hearing about Tom and his challenge I was inspired to do something to help the NHS, By clapping every Thursday night at 8pm. I would like to try raise money by doing a basketball challenge by scoring a 100 hoops, A hoop for every year of Tom’s life.

Caption Tom Moore

Thomas Moore (born 30 April 1920), known as Captain Tom, is a former British Army officer known for his achievements raising money for charity. On 6 April 2020 at the age of 99, his hundredth birthday was approaching, Caption Tom Moore began to raise money for NHS. So he started to go around his garden (25 metres) 100 times with the goal to reach £1000 pounds. In the 24 days course he had made over his goal and got many fans  and became a popular household name in the United Kingdom. Making so much interest, he earned about 1.5 million donations then he made a song called “You Will Never Walk Alone” with giving all the money to the same charity. The single topped the UK music charts and made him the oldest person to achieve a UK number one in the world. On the morning of his hundredth birthday he had a total of £30 million pounds and by the end of that day had increased to over £32.79 million and he received over 150,000 cards.