Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore was born in Keighley, West Riding of Yorkshire on the 30th of April 1920. Tom served in India and Myanmar during the second world war as a captain. Before Tom’s 100th birthday he set him self challenge to walk around his garden in Bedfordshire. He wanted to raise £1,000.00 for the NHS but in stead he raised over 30 million. On Tom’s 100th birthday he had the Royal Air Force fly over his house to celebrate and he was promoted by the queen to a Colonel. He also was number 1 in the UK music charts after releasing You’ll never walk alone with Michael Ball.
After hearing about Tom and his challenge I was inspired to do something to help the NHS, By clapping every Thursday night at 8pm. I would like to try raise money by doing a basketball challenge by scoring a 100 hoops, A hoop for every year of Tom’s life.

This is me.

Ever since I was 6 years old I enjoyed sports. I was particularly talented in football and basketball. I’m also good at Fortnite as I’ve been playing since I was 7 years old and now I’m 9 years old. Whilst playing for a football club I realised that I can be better if I practice. I also like to ride my hoverboard and my BMX and I’m good at darts. Through hard work and perseverance I got better at all these activities.

The best thing is my family their very caring loving and supportive. They support me in what ever I need and they advise me in my choices. Over the past few years I’ve became really good at sports and over the different years I’ve gone through I feel like I have got better at English and Maths. From school I’ve made lots of friends. Also when I needed help the teacher would help. In my spare time I like to play my playstation. I love my playstation because it keeps me entertained and I can still talk to my friends. I love my dog because he is so cute and and he is always happy to see me. I love my family because their always there for me and they care for me.

My dream is to be a YouTuber I want to stream to show my skills and help other people get good at games I’m already good at. I would like to join FaZe clan through Fortnite because FaZe clan has a lot of pros at Fortnite and many other games. If YouTube does not work out for me I would like to be a police officer. As a police officer you enforce the laws, Drive police cars fast and taser bad guys.