This Is Me.

I am passionate about food, music, and my family. My favourite food is pepperoni pizza and cheese burgers. Whenever my family orders takeaway I get so excited! I also get excited when my Grandpa sends me American treats in the mail. He sends me my favourites for example: poptarts, goldfish crackers, and candy bars. Another thing I’m passionate about is music. I listen to music by NCS. NCS is a collection of different music for example: techno, dubstep, and house music. Music makes me calm and happy. If I couldn’t listen to music I’d be devastated. Lastly, I am very passionate about family. My parents help me when I struggle with school work. My mum lets me help her bake and we make cookies. My dad and I play video games together and like to wrestle. I make my sister laugh and she makes me laugh too. Some of my family live in America and we skype every week.

I have many talents. Ever since I was little I’ve loved to dance. I’d dance at weddings and family parties. As I’ve gotten older I’m shy about dancing, but hopefully one day I won’t be as shy and I’ll dance more for people. I’m also talented at making games on Roblox. I’m very interested in computer graphics and how games work. I make and edit my own videos on my phone and play them for my mum and dad, sometimes the videos make them laugh. I realised I’m very good at beatboxing. My dad can beatbox so I probably got it from him. I spend time in my room beatboxing and trying out different sounds. I get ideas for beatboxing from the music I listen to. I’ve currently started been interested in football. I use my football and goal in my back garden to practice. If I practice hard enough maybe when I’m older I can become a footballer like Lionel Messi.

In the next few years I will practice my football techniques so I can get better and better as I would like to play in a football club. I will start small and one day I hope to be in the a big league club. This will also help me keep fit and healthy. Maybe one day I will be good enough to play in the World Cup, or be on a football card like the ones I collect.

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