This is me…!

I have a bunch of talents. Precisely, one of them is acting. I do this because it is a way to let my dramatic (and quite funny!) feelings out. Singing, this may not be my very best talent, but I sound pretty well with a variety of songs. Writing is a very interesting talent. To become a wealthy author, you need to read PLENTY of books (I’m working on my own book! Keep that secret from the others, will you?) Playing the piano! Of course, I love music! One day, I thought to myself: “Hmmm… I really like music, so why not make my own?!” I started my piano lessons by watching tutorials. Rollerskating. Ah… It’s my most recent talent. Keeping the balance is the most main thing about rollerskating.

I have wonderful interests. Some are very natural, some have taken LOTS of practice! In this (Masterpiece!!) piece of writing, I will be talking about three, very fascinating abilities. First up, we have drawing/sketching! It’s a thing that can make time pass by. On an occasion, where I am bored, I take a piece of paper take a picture book and start drawing a complicated or easy (depends on how I feel) picture. If I wouldn’t have had this passion, I would have fallen asleep (Hehe..) of boredom!! Secondly, listening to music~! It makes me glow with happiness!  I can always rely on music to make me calm and let me relax…Laughing..Hahaha!! Laughing makes me feel…Ticklish…? Oh my! I just noticed! When I laugh I knock over cups of water! Hehe…Did that make you laugh? I hope so!! 😀

My goals, hopes, and dreams

I wish that when I grow-up I could be a number one Children’s best bookseller… Oh, Hello! I didn’t see you there. I was just daydreaming about what I will be when I grow up! These are my hopes and dreams for the future: Hmm… I would LOVE to get my own little home! When I become eighteen I will get a home, a cozy, warm cottage, with a wonderful backyard.. NUH-UH, these are just my dreams… D: OoOoO! My LOOKS! I will wear a BUNCH of makeup and that stuff…SUPER FANCY CLOTHING..! Never in a million years!! I will live my whole life in a dressing gown!!! 😀 Time for the most important thing in life..! JOBS! Actually, you know what?! Imma get my husband to work for ME!! 😀 Just kidding! Imma be lazy and sit home and let my imagination go wild as I write my own book! When I grow up I shall get a driving license! (My mum doesn’t have one! I wanna do a little showing off! Hehe!) I wanna be A INDEPENDENT WOMAN! I will give you a super simple quote! “Be independent!” 😀

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