Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore is a war veteran (world  war 2). He is originally from Keighly West Yorkshire. He decided to give himself the challenge of walking 100 laps around his garden, to raise money for the NHS. His target was £1,000 but he actually raised £32,794,701!! I think he raised an incredible amount of money and is clearly an honorable person. He was born on the 30th April, 1920. He was in active service from 1939 to 1946. He has two children.

This Is Me


I have always enjoyed drawing, from the age of five I have been doing a lot of drawings and paintings. I developed my talent from my cousin, she is older then me. As I got better and learnt more techniques, I watch videos on the internet to help me, I watch TV about drawing to help me and I watch others draw. I found a web page called Art hub for kids and I love the page. The best thing about this talent is that I can create so many things like dragons, cards, cats and characters.

Loves and Passions

I love cats because they are all different. Cats can see in the dark so I can call my cat at night and he will come to me to be cuddled. Cats are often lazy, like my cat Dave who sleeps all day and goes out at night to sleep in his kennel. Cats sometimes fight other cats if they annoy them but my cat is very patient so he doesn’t fight a lot. My cat is five years old. When he was a kitten he would play fetch but he doesn’t do it anymore. We also have a cat called Nala but we call her the Madcatter because she shouts a lot and if you let her out 30 seconds later her tiny face is at the door. I love to draw pictures of different animals and mythical creatures, for example dragons. Drawing makes me feel happy because it’s an enjoyable activity, I feel proud when I finish a picture and it cheers me up when I’m sad. The more I draw, the better I get which makes me feel happy. I’m passionate about art because I want to be an artist when I grow up. I love my family; Mummy, Daddy, my brother, Grandma, Granddad, mum’s mum, (mum’s dad) and all my aunties, uncles and cousins. I enjoy going to places because I get to make special memories, such as when I went to the beach with Mummy, my brother and mum’s mum. Whilst there, we saw a seal up close which was exciting! When I am with my family, I feel happy and safe.

My dreams for the future

When I get older I want to learn how to drive because I could go to places I couldn’t walk to. When I get older I want to go to university because I think I’m confident that I will do well and have fun. I want to make an environmentally friendly car that uses clean fuel instead of fossil fuels.  I think that water may make a better fuel because it is clean so it would be better for the environment. When I get older I want to learn how to cook and have 3 cats, I would like to learn how to cook spaghetti bolognese, homemade pizza, homemade fish fingers, roast dinner, meat balls and, most importantly, chocolate cheesecake!

Andy Goldsworthy

On the 25 of May 1956 in Cheshire an artist was born his name was Andy Goldsworthy. Andy got a job as a labourer on a farm when he was 13.

After a long time ,Andy went to a art collage.Where he studied fine arts. Because he studied there,Andy became interested in land art.Some of his work is complex some simple. He uses natural elements for his work such as twigs,leaves,flowers,sand,rocks and more.

Andy made rock balancing  famous and lots of people try to do it.Rock balancing is when you balance rocks with out tape,glue rubber.

Andy now lives in Penpoint Scotland.He won a OBE it stands for, order of  the British empire.Andy has many awards.