This Is Me

Ever since I was a baby I was very good with balls. I used to play with it in different ways such as catching, throwing and kicking. I had various types of balls like hard, soft, big and small balls. This is how I developed in Cricket and Football. I really enjoy both sports. I go to Huntingdon Cricket Club to learn new skills and tricks in Cricket. I have also been playing football matches in my schools football club. I play both sports in my garden with my dad as he is a good sports person. I also learn more about the sports by watching lots of football and cricket matches on the TV or YouTube. I have started to like the sports more and more as I have grown up. Over these years, I have also developed interests in Art, innovation in Lego, puzzles and cooking. Whenever I am sitting idol, I like to do some drawing and make different things out of Lego. My parents say that I am very creative. I show all these talents by competing against others and trying to win all the time.

One of the main things I enjoy doing is cricket because it is fun and it also helps me keep fit. I also like playing football because it is very enjoyable. Sometimes when I play these sports, it cheers me up a bit and it helps me in difficult times. If I didn’t have these things then I wouldn’t be that active or wouldn’t respond in the hard times I have. My favourite cricketer is Ben Stokes (English batsmen) and my favourite footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo (best footballer in the world). My favourite food is Maggi (a type of noodles) because it is very tasty. Another food I like is mince because it is very delicious and flavourful. I also like drawing because it is very brainy and creative and it develops my mind and skills. My passions for football, cricket and other interests will keep going in the future.

When I move from primary school to secondary school I would like to walk to school alone. At the moment I always go to school with my Mum. In the next 5, 10, or 15 years I would like to become a cricketer. If I miss the chance of being a cricketer, I would like to be a footballer. If I want to be a good sports person I will have to practise a lot. Alongside this I would also like to be an Artist. When I grow up I also would like to have my own home and Jaguar car. My home would be so big that it would have a Swimming pool, a football pitch and a cricket pitch. My goal is to be the richest sportsperson in the world. I am looking forward to growing older and fulfilling my aspirations and being successful in life.